33 year old performer, you are not to "stalk" PROFILES OF or talk to underage children online. you nor adult employees of your fan clubS. Interaction of this kind in a public arena exposes children's innocence. it is disturbing. you are not to take advantage of children for money. TOO LITTLE, TOO LAte. lyrics and visuals are sexual. you encourage children to interact with sexual and violent content (Parental Advisory: Explicit CONTENT), thus. moreover, you take advantage of childrens' innocence. their innocence. how dare you. you are not to deceive children with marketing tricks. not just you, but the people you expose their hearts to; they are not your toys. PLACING SECRET MESSAGES (EASTER EGGS) IN YOUR WORK IS DAMAGING. DO NOT TELL THEM TO STAY UP AT MIDNIGHT. DO BE WARY OF WHO YOU ALLOW YOUR FANS TO IDOLIZE AND DEMONIZE. THAT IS DISASTROUS TO DEVELOPING BRAINS. laws around the world are different, and you interact with anyone, pretending to be anyone, online. you have your family. that's all. she is not your "Mother." That is so weird.

revenge is not good.

seek justice, not revenge.

when you steal someone's innocence, you steal a part that they will fight hard to get back, and causing a lot of confusion.

do not allow people to threaten you. do not feel pressured. do not allow someone to take advantage of your innocence!

After seeing fans with signs begging him to be their ‘first kiss’, the star (Matt HEALY 1975) has been more than happy to oblige. Matt Healy (Taylor Swift's MOST RECENT Ex)