harrison greenbaum burned the bible to corrupt harry potter without their parents knowing he would do that is someone who insults so disgustingly, a representative of harvard university disturbing me gross

he said a lot of people fight him, that's unusual

never see lax nor that kind of presence, suggesting that plane doesn't look the same, moving on

las vegas was supposed to be a happy sinless city but who would term themselves that, so it turned opposite

go see see bad apple see if the comedian mentalist is still there, it's at new york new york

the guys handing out those cards how sad and it's not empowering and the concerts and cirque shows are seemed to be trapped

so beautiful, these hotels are so disgusting

and when you go inside it's nothing like outside and steve paddock is not real where is he so who is because he's a gambler with bipolar disorder it's weird starry show-time-ing's so? a bit of kindness please (not to) should have told you off