at this point, your abuses have been noted historically, as representatives of a white nationalist movement, towards things that are hurtful - to all; all suspects are to be apprehended, and will be, for me, and the others you've hurt along the way, i don't like abusers, i don't like people who abuse the concept of abuse, and i certainly don't tolerate abuse, so do yourselves a favor; and check out (this is noted abuse historically, and will be something I, rather We stand against and unify against, as Internationalists, abhor

nothing that came out of the University of California historically approaches my shit, all your work sucks so much, not to mention your design and demeanor, all shitty, bad ugly and worthless, so i don't want that piece of shit named after me, fuck, i want to name it after you, Tom MacDonald University loool it's a Satanist University and i killed it again, huh