Do not support Joe Biden/Kamala Harris-Emhoff for President for health reasons of the world, both a medical danger currently and particularly later, because you are supporting a coddler of a racist, a violent racist - who abused mental health, for personal fame, disgusting, a jailbird never jailed, flying  NBA YoungBoy forced drugs, #freeyoungboy campaign, restoring Lindsay Lohan against Britney Spears, for me

In fact, they need to be removed right now, and prevented politically, urgently (no trial, jail, racism-gross)

enabling teamwork racist directly

this does not represent America

who misled the military; they are all alone, in the world, forced, against personal desire based on someone who left the world alone on the world stage; humanitarian war seems forced

u ain't rollin with me, you're kinda split anyway, so ima tell you this once; go play with your mommy,

she givin you bile, rotten milk, fuck

you dirty boy for trying to fuck me,

nasty slut, your word, not mine, abuser, physical abuser, rapist