Mr. Narcissist is not one.

Taylor Swift is an abuser (narcissist).

Marshall Bruce Mathers is a survivor, in particular, of domestic terrorism, a horrible woman.

The man in the video on the right is not a victim, he is lying.

I applaud your efforts here, sir, but your daughters are not to be looked at, I agree, and you shouldn't be assaulted by anyone, let alone an unnecessary party. Who's to blame? The people in charge? Who don't get blamed. Certainly, it isn't your fault, nor theirs, it is his and theirs.

Mr. Narcissist is not one; he is empathetic.

Mr. Narcissist is not a member of the Klan, but is the undercover Black Klansman you've laughed to.

Ray West is not a paparazzi, as the media claim!

"Kanye West, organized a revenge porn music video which strips my body naked." Don't destroy art and artists. This is a racist statement clearly, that racists make often in essence, not a mistake, as she tells us she is particular. Remember that she is not innocent; calculating, powerful, for the idolatry she gets. "INfamous phone call? Mr. Narcissist has nothing to hide; he records his whole life, not because he likes himself (can't lie); people who write? you can be a bad person and decide to write, some people don't, anyone can lie. This isn't something buried; it's ongoing, and he's asked her directly to stop her abuse, her sycophants' rage. Please don't insult yourselves, by pleasing a racist tyrannical monarch, and see her to lose the power she stripped from Mr. Narcissist, to increase hers, as her pattern is, Mr. Kanye West, Mister Ye, who works to end the racism he knows, hers(and fans instigated as she is calculating). God makes us do something, otherwise we aren't fighting back against racism, like Kanye's war. These aren't "accusations," it shouldn't take time, it should just happen, nice and gently. It takes time to realize her, as she is that cunning and Evil, and a person who flaunts this, but is so Evil that no one notices. Now you have, at least? Hopefully, because revenge isn't the mission, it's justice, but, more, Westian "love," beautifully worded. "I do like a good conflict," one might say, but that's not healthy, it's dangerous and Scary, especially with someone so adept at deceit, that everyone will later they are a victim of, and she shouldn't be unscathed. I'm going to ask you to stop being victimized, into losing your emotions, but to be passionate and individual, like all Kanye West's (not bandwagon, snakes, selling soul, turning against what's right because it feels good) fans, hardly racist, not someone's lover, like Kanye Omari West.

Taylor Swift June 30, 2019