I need to report someone. Alexander McQueen. He abused Taylor Swift. She is a true artist. She knows emotions. She would never hurt anyone. She is cold and abusive, as per her diagnosis of narcissism by experts in the field. Taylor's "seagulls" sweatshirt is stolen. She copyrighted something stolen from a real artist's design house. She saw this, and then allows this to be sold. It's also emblazoned on another release. Choose. It's the same album. No need to form a clock. (I'm merely saying that she should respect Alexander McQueen originality, is that okay? Is that hurtful? Make you feel bad?)

To be sure, "Please note we are doing our best to deliver your order as fast as possible, however, we may experience delays somewhere along the way as we try to keep everyone safe." First, the effects of this mass tragedy are almost complete: no need to rehash the bad memories, so much death and pain and ensuing mental health problems, but why is this still up? Her works were distractions. That time was for mourning, not to steal pains. You weren't commiserating at all; you were taking advantage of the time and destroying it historically. Anyone remember lockdowns? That was time to heal, not to praise a false deity. Her efforts were null. (Pfizer's Vaccine is just one of many options, no need to advertise this corruption so boldly on your ads, and to be "Mr. Pfizer." Their inability to display the efficacy of vaccinations is troubling, and they'd rather use money to pump their products than a telling of the signs of COVID, say.) It won't be delivered "as fast as possible." Those "delays" are not to be falsely excused. This is for an item being expected to ship on or about January 26, 2024. You are creating false urgency. This happens all the time with your merchandise. If you keep on delaying it, people will have something to buy. Waiting to buy something makes people sick.

You have a very diverse size range. Can you stand up for Lizzo, who didn't do anything? She's the one responsible for body positivity, not you. Can you do anything at all? I miss you, Lizzo! 

I wore this McQ (which is the lower-end. it's recognizable by a skull - like Van Gogh's) shirt once, bought it from Mr. Porter for some money, to attend The Festival On The Green, which I do (did) regularly. Vanessa's shocking appearance needed color, and it needed my input. So I brought myself to wear it underneath a Ralph Lauren Forest Green Slim Cardigan. This shirt was mass-marketed. Years before 1989, and Ryan Adams wore the same shit. She doesn't remove his version of 1989 from streaming services or YouTube, like she does a lot of other innocuous information. 

This enables his abuse, as he's your vessel.

Ryan Adams abused Mandy Moore. He abused other people. She is responsible for the propagation of this abuse by allowing her album to STAY online. It is now both of theirs. She abuses through him, and he is enabled by her. This isn't something to glance over. She does. She is cautious about everything, but that remains. Has she made any statements even? Right now, he's in revisionist mode. Thanks, Taylor LLC.

Cardigans are very important to Kurt Cobain. Through the Unplugged special, which only a few people paid attention (as much as it's worth) to and which influenced a lot of current fashion (distressing, for instance), I saw something there. I kept looking. Why are only females to wear slim cardigans? No results showed. 

While walking in Harajuku later, I saw Kurt's cardigan, lying there in a bin, with others. It was confusing, and I h8 anyone to tarnish the cardigan, but it's happened. It's been destroyed. R13 is a Kurt Cobain brand Taylor Swift wears regularly. She doesn't know him. She is lacking in depth and wants people to suffer, as shown in her treatment of others, particularly random fans. Not everything is as it's said, and a lot of things are exaggerated and manipulated.

Often, I look to Van Gogh's self-portraits and I hope he hadn't suffer as much as he did. He suffered immensely. He wept for the current state of the arts, not for you to destroy his fedoras. His fedoras meant everything to me. Now they're a laughingstock, and people mock his emotions as they did then. Van Gogh supposedly only sold a few pieces of work before he put a gun to his head (some controversy nowadays, but his life is consistent with this conclusion.)

Not everyone is who they say they are. They don't help you the right way; they lead you to self-destruct, and you believe that's the right path. It isn't. Live.

Everything posted here (YouTube embedding style), the structure, the segmentation (colored), the name, the ideas are entirely original. I do not plagiarize. She does. It's disturbing. If you accuse her of anything, you get into trouble. And they'll kill the suicidal. They've done it before. I'm fine, but others almost died because you can't complete any challenge to your garish works. You don't dress well, you abused the best-dressed. It's pitiable. You are not a good influence on the arts. The arts are for the emotional, not narcissists, which clinical specialists agree you are. Kanye West dresses well for others; it is a selfless act. People like his shit. Do you design? Your shit is ugly. And cheap, and you don't even apologize for it. It all has your picture over it. That's weird. Kanye never puts his picture on his merch, and I think that's why yours is selling like hotcakes. You make people wait for hours to buy your shit at shows. They fangirl over someone's weak ass clothes. If she cared about you, she wouldn't produce them in third world countries without telling you. Honduras. If she was a good leader, the clothes wouldn't be tattered immediately. It wouldn't be overpriced. It wouldn't have a limit of 10 per order for some reason, like it's a hot-ticket item, which it really isn't. It's not healthy for them to stand in those lines, nor wear another person's picture. One only needs so much adulation. One does not look to false idols to be mighty. You only seem heroic to them, and are misleading them into earthly things. Horrifying. Most of her outfits are put together by stylists who you aren't told about, who thrown under the bus, sometimes who just have to leave her alone altogether, not her emotionality, and her original material? Kanye's a real artist, who is admittedly manic-depressive (more likely, bipolar II or III [cyclothymic] - not experiencing extreme mania), and that takes courage other than to tell people to hide those emotions away. by the way, kanye was medicated (as shown in documentaries; he documents his entire life, nothing to hide there) the entire time; he is not in denial nor does he refuse treatment. He's quiet, so he isn't manic this entire time. You fabricated all of that. Manic people think they're going to be President without any credentials; they think they're holy figures literally, not metaphorically. Don't be a tool to destroy. You don't even have a history of mild depression; everything is fabricated. Your consistent levels of energy and vigor prove that you're not that emotional. Your treatment of others, it doesn't matter how many, is horrifying and murderous. Stay away.

You try to kill free speech so people don't know how evil you are or potentially become; you say you write works of fiction (nothing confessional? or is everything? stop confusing me.) so why can't you appreciate words, like Virginia Woolf does. You decimated your guitar teacher, who should be given credit for all your earthly successes. You decimated a random blogger. ACLU knows you. They're watching and the FBI, too. Justice will always be had, always and forever.

As an extremely happy person, as you keep on saying ad nauseum, almost laughing at your audience, you can handle making a comment to stop the racists? Your use as a White Nationalist's icon? You can stop it. You can stop the suicide attempts? The real self-harm you induce, please do. Those death threats are yours. You must stop them. Don't misuse your security to become violent on your behalf; is he still employed? Are you still a shooter, Taylor Swift? It isn't a joke. People get scared and run from you IRL. It's not just "stalkers" or "paps." It's everyone who knows these people, and you're basically a scary person. You are not a machine. You are the person operating it. These are big issues, not little.