abuse is real, not "accused," which is an accusatory term, and Taylor abuses violently, with words and mannerisms. Taylor is repsonsible for no one? Of course not, she has personal responsiblity, you dirty scoundrels. She needs to be arrested, as every abuser needs to be. She is a narcissist (Diagnosed by a specialist), so she will make a victim, using narcissistic abuse tactics. You can listen to the fans, the bad writers, but they don't care. They are enabled by her abuse, and her abusers, who she lets abuse, even after we ask them to stop. You are guilty of making many people sick, artists suicidal (not me), and trying to make others aggressive. Her friends are aware, but lie. She makes money, and makes them happy. She is destructive. She isn't a good influence, nor are the articles correct. I do not stand it. You are evil, as well, for letting this go on, unchecked. It's gross. I am not stupid, nor am I a liar. Liars do not speak like me, and have at least said one, that wasn't corrected. 

fuck you sensitive pricks, liars, clowns, abusers,

you're scared? pussy.

you are a girl, let me get your dresses ready :) wifey wants your money, not you