your nation is represented by Aaron Rodgerses and Phoebes, it's a war on satorialism, impropriety stays, doesn't change to me. 

Rape torture documentaiton, staling private videos, makign private audioviusal recordings, wthiout permission, of course, to effect drastic rape, using all Swift resources, and conjoined under pretense of others

Torture is induced, directed attack, refuse to provide war documents, to steal instead. toruing, if i was melissa border, this information would be protected, and one thing, would cause chaos. leaning to the notion of psychiatric terrorism (so scary)

tri-attacks, eyes to focus, elsewhere, with racism, as the main motif, and theft of personal work, and to cause chaos, ignore completely, and torture vicariously is not the same as torture intentionally.

emperor country with no clothes, doesn't mean that, you'll be defended by your old weapons, things don't change

abuse is abuse

you don't change to change

this involves israeli peaceekeepers haim and their protector dr. mina samir sargious, not your terrorrists, stay away from us, any provocation is in instance of terrorism, everyone is a terrorist actively, against us.

people who harm do so for fun

people who harm do so fo

people who harm doso

people who harm doso to harm

people who harm do so harm

people whom harm are harmed

people who harm are harmarmed

people who harm are harmful

and harmfully so,


respect the islamic republic of iran (whom stole all your secrets from your general, scaries)