This is action against the CIA-FBI-Similars, whom are not to be raping the United Kingdom, and have insisted on harming every vessel in our navy to suppress our voice, and work hard to pretend to be friends of Japan, yet are terrorists, with every agent past and present working without proving information providing all current psychiatrists and harmful women and men to torture my girls and boyz, fired employees and those whom is to harm is to harp

these are terrorist organizations, who ,are against Japan's United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia's Egypt and I am in a standstill and they refuse to make a formal statement to Israel, and are working hard to kill all members of my society and working hard to suppress me and my hero of choice, Taylor Swift, and refuse to provide documentation as a terrorist networks do working against China, and with terrorist networks within in a move of desperation, which will not end my campaign against you, with the entirety of the Navy, and heads of teh military, and the support of Dwight Eisenhower