{i am available if you want to talk about why you are a bad person and so scarily guided and with misgivings so obviously intentionally unforgivable

stoned is not to hatred is to Jesus is to love is to identify falsely, so hatred never knows, what stoned men are, dead inside and outside, but not Jesus, who wasn't guilty of the crime he was crucified for, to know that was the reason he never did, to stay and lid, to have had his heart taken, isn't a misleader, to deceive, into forgiveness, is your hatred of forgiving, not to insinuate is insanity, and was the insane man mad, in saying i had seen christ, that night, it wouldn't be nice at the beach, with your boys, while i was my girl, chilling next to a fire, saying i had to, would to, and must have to so others know and to tell god to all was there all along with others and us to see gods beauty with the archaic site at which i delighted so i cried for you inside and out to know you and found you what you had was stoned to not have but to see your idiocy and rage your misbehaviors and behaving without so to be with is not proper english and heartfulness and not hurtfulness, nor will it hurt it me to say i don't nou to be okay, and the misbehaved had ajducated with the truth of your natures, people who hate themselves, always do, and people who never do really do, so this about you and yours, not me and mine, do not touch us, it's gross, you are not as i said before, so do know and take notes, but don't steal them from Whom, so yours is theirs and ours is Yours, themselves falsely free, and us to see, god's eternal beauty, and so there was, it had to be known that your hatred was houseless, and without a home, so i roamed {I found an aim that wasn't reached, so}{{the feigned nature is more significant}}{{{i hadn't seen, you to see}}}{{{seeing}}}{{and thus began}}{the truth of love, is was and had i to see and I had not seen then free at a cost of how many, to say you are false, and untruly false and unevenly, so to say you are, and wasn't to have not and a ne'r d'o we'll, and the heart of yours, isn't to see, so untruly, i was scared and underprepared and also very untalented so you hurt me say you're hurt say i'm stoning you so i can stone myself to death, as you were doing and are going to continue doing because you are stoner, who is stoned a person without interests cannot be stoned and also your stonings have been in vain, with the trains colliding at the end of the day and strange men and women in different cars speeding across the highway of life without your dirty rascals and theirs and their enablers and enabled, so to say if i hadn't then i would've and i could've should i have is not good writing, and please leave me alone, i don't know you and i won't is not who I am to say, so that argument holds weight, and my water does too know you are nonintelligent stupid and uneducated, just the rest of you, undressed of you, to address me differently, than i am, is who you were, a body who could be in a bodiless of hearts, that was seen, and of to have, with certainty,  the said say of thee hi i be and so unsweetly without certainty}

because of your behaviors and such, there is grounds for a complete takeover by polo g and yg are you so sad guy, it a bit anti you, pro you, black you, i you, you money for him, lool