The -governmment crashed and no one cared, so it's getting to show the true colors of those so gross over the years

and quite possibly the best advice is to tell family members not to approach FBI officials (not CIA, although they'll say whatever afterwards), the Police of several units don't care, there are Proud Boys among them, and Courts may be fake, Domestic Violence Shelters may be fake, Homeless Shelters May Be Fake, guns are never allowed like that nor such FBI abuse, Hotels for The Homeless Function Similarly, Dentists are supposed to be carefully observed, and you can ask for video of gyno sessions, STD testing sessions, it's all permissible, do not trust Priests, as usual, and for me, it's the hospital thing/legal threat, it's abuse, and terrifying, Watch out for 

but this is nothing new, just the expression of what they've revealed themselves to be over the years, unchecked unregulated poorly governed stupid scary and a bad system all together, no one is crazy, you are kind of thing, threats aren't really threats, that's about like having tons of ammunition or a gun, which is all over the place

I'm MI6's Mina, I've revealed a lot over the years, started to abuse me so long ago 9/11 time, killing my uncle even, and sending my friends to torture sites, which they tried hard to do with me, and I've revealed a lot; Donald Jay-Z Trump, Joe Be Biden, Taylor Swiffilator, Tatataylor Swift, Sellyana GoGirlgomez, It's something The Innocents Worked On

I've also revealed a lot of human trafficking, sextortion yes, that begins with those texts, but sex trafficking by California, -United States of America gross

Evan Rachel Wood & Angelina Jolie & Mr. Sinatra & Mina S. Sargious (: 

Kathy, we'll see you sooner than you can say see you seen say you're seen kind of thing

We're Invisible for a reason such weirdos (Racism is an attack on The Most Innocent) loud people don't protect, they take advantage with their protected, to take away protection, and enforce protections for theirs