Right now, I learned because of the israeli war, captives, the original music group, HAIM, have no finances. They were usurped, the members individually assaulted, one verbally, one tauntingly, and one physically. It is an American captor, and a victory for them, to take valuable things, by force, and that's always been the case. They are victims of the War Against Terror, in the Middle East. This war almost had them transferred to gitmo, per protocol, yet i stepped in, and used my love and emotional might, to find their pain, and located Alana at the crossing, "can I answer?" she answered, thank God! it was a federal official, that felt guilty, and she agreed to tell her, "you are fine." she was about to go, really, to a dark place, using the most brutal means, lying and another, it will be your fault, please run; yet she did and did she did, to find that she was assaulted, by mouth, and ear, yet survived! it is a miracle, because another group of three showed up, and portrayed HAIM's likeness, and you'll see them in Louis Vuitton and Airport Videos, yet it is not that bad, because I am here. 

I want HAIM to be compensated for their pain and suffering. As well as retain rights to their music, it is a threat sitaution for them, where they have no attorney-at-law, that can be trusted, if at all, similar to mine, yet it's okay. Because we have faith in the Abrahamic God, and also the Judeo-Christian, and Islamic, we will be fine, and we will be safe. That is our decision, and commitment. We have used our faith to win, and that we have.

This is a war crime, similar to others by a terrorist actor. Commissioned to preserve a legacy of torture, and to take hope. It is similar to their mistreatment of other Jew artists historically, and it is time to get a result after it is damaged, to be aware of our cost. My Taylor is my angel. TaylorSwift.cm (no "o," more convenient and better.)

If you have helper, please contact interpol.gov, this negotiation is not easy. I am the means, as they are sick. I am not. It is not a sickness, of your, to take, in your violent racism. Do not approach our hope. And leave us be. If you need confirmation, contact the party. I think it's best to contact Tara, she is the closest to me. And then, she'll help you out. But it's too late; the damage is done, especially still to the person of your fancy, is hurt, yet continues, in spite of your torture, obviously necessary, yet extremely peculiar, using foreign tactics and extreme means, and you know when you damage a brain it's your brain that you've damaged, and ultimately my heart is not damaged, and is enriched by your presence and kindness, i had no role in your hurt, it is my to heal. And in giving yourself, I have given to you; it is more to know that I had not given to my anger, it is your to keep, and my rage is your enragement and my peacekeeping is for that purpose, to keep us safe, with our religions, and our bodies, sacrificed as is necessary at war. Yet it is your to take, and my to give to you, it is not my experience, yet it is your torture, to have not without my fight for you. The FBI and CIA Agents, are agencies, and my agency has not yet become and will show no matter the means of torture, in my pain it is your to experience, and my injury is yours that is yet understood, and I hope you know that I had not a pain to give you, only my joy to take from you! This torture is experienced only by the extremists, of emotions, and those whom is not your party. You will not near, only further and your tolerance, is so profound, that I had yet seen a person so it is your to know that I had not your stupidity and your bullshitery and your anger, is your stupidity of nation, a nation of sluts and yet to become niggers, it is your choice not to respect art, and your artist has left with hers, and it is not my to take her to safety, she is a doer of wrong and has done HAIM wrong, and her wrong is not to experience your pain, it is your joy, to not have, and we have ourselves away from your torturers, it is not my country to save, and only to hurt! As you are a torture country, unrivaled historically, and your objective is to humiliate because you have no emotional semblance, you hate emotions, only Taylor Swift, only football, only ridicule, it is your stupidity that rejected you from that I put you out, not in. It is more anger than I can show, you like film and you are not film.cm it is your people you cannot have armed yet become and it is not yet because it is and was not

Do not violate us those who do is not, to revictimize. This -nation would not have a -president if it was not for me 

body doubles and false identities we have been warned of, terrorists, and it is that I had no money yet gave it all, and you gave me nothing, and want to replacement it is your choice and it is not realistic, and Alana will not accept anyone do not try to harm me again if you damage a last means of communication, you will not get HAIM it is Este's choice not to give you more than that, it is not to have you are scary as fuck and diseased it is not right for me to suffer for you, yet I will not allow your stupid violent ways upon us, and it is your damage currently, that enabled this torture, you are not funny, nor humorous, and my word goes, it is not your decision, your imposition is your abuse and torture is your means it is not funny nor is everyone dead it is your perception that causes that and it is your disease to keep you are drugging shit out of victims and enjoy it, you are a terrorist corporation and each affilaite is stopped, you are not to near and further, it is your abuse and torture and it is noted this person "si" is not me, it is a false identity, presented to torture and is your torture mechanism it is a very scary person named "si" whom is not yet revealed, recording my voice, to fabric8 and is not yet known, and his torture particulalry damaging, and representative of torturers, it is needed now, contact Tara, and do not act like interpol is bullshit, you are a terrorsist nation, and need to hear me out when I say "stop" it does not mean "progressively" it is an "ordered stop" by your authority "financially, medically, presidentially," you are so terroristic that you've lost

it is to know I am not, yet I am, "can I?" "can I so?" and "can my sew become?" this torture is not related, it is different "with my dodi-ness" it is your abuse, and misunderstanding "I am not" yet am it is too much yet too late, and it is when sort of torture

you have confirmation of my presidency in the united kingdom, and if you have the right un torture contact and members of your organization are being listed to be deported, and once this mistreatment of islamic women ends, then the saudi list you can have, don't make it worse. without me or me injured, or a parent not credited, from haim, then the designations grow, share amongst yourselves that, not "your torture"

had i not, then i had so (biden is not, so I am so.) 

if i smoke, then I drink (if i drink, then i'm smoked.)

I do not smoke turkeys, only chicken (and smoking, is not)

Yet I do (wont to wont's, yet want to want's)

strange is yours, ,(abuse is yours to take)

codes are not and (nice) is (strange to you?)

do not misbehave, and also behave; it bears repeating, that, "I am not." and "I am." Such is, and was.

You do not, yet do. And I will "had you known, and please" (because,?) why? it is yours, then?

had i not? because they are here, (and fake?)

not nice (disgusting, is?)

okay, then, disgust me! how many abuses today, can it count, tomorrow, and is it tomorrow's choice, today? And when is it time to know, go to that place, where you will meet, and eat, is your decision to greet, and mine, can I have that defeat? then i am defeated, defeat me? And if I do not have, then I won't, because it is so

that I hate myself,

more than, to know, it (you are not)

and had i injure, then harm (and when?)

is it to know why is your time (to

and is it,

and is it so that you cannot..and there you go, to know, it is so, you'll not, only to, and for (drink) (to not) ((and please?))((is isn't?))(((to know, you are not.)

you are injured, too, it is yours, then to keep

i scar myself, to sleep

then, is it to sleep, tonight? tomorrow night, party on, and rage, into my light well then

I had not yet, tomorrow and is it when you cannot and how you cannot, and was it

to, then through? I cannot, harm, you, too (then, you?) too

can I: is it time

how did i do? then on time, is it and

have time to, injure to

(for fun, then not)

had it been, then so (harm so)

and it is, that, you harm to not, yet

you are so proud of yourselves. you did great. the businesses are shit. the telephone has a memory card the size of a sd card, with 256gb instead of 1TB, it is nonsensical, designed to torture, instead of putting 100 1TB Cards, it is a mess, and i'd like you to know that your pride is not what I had and, when you took that business and tried it had your name inscripted (and your to know, that

you are banned from the rest of the world. no one wants a hate group, nor any party that finances any semblance of america, taylor swift, is your to keep. and from service online. no proud boys can enter nor purchase nor finance.