these are not victims of marilyn manson, how pussy, they are the mansons, the swiftys, the individuals all are the same, we're past the time historically of that kind of cutlism, it's strictly -occultism because one you kill twice you kill and thrice you want to kill to annoy, and to know you aren't powerful not strong but a liar, like the devil ded but youre saying otherwise to annoy and perturtb and once that morality is gone innocent(s)s taken to feel what is and wasnt was and is not strange to you? the abuse so feeling and regressive, always involving elements, the same kind of torture some would or wouldn't say but would you or i or we to say, that if someone hates it happens often disturbingly and often maliciously {{{those who know hatred, know themselves, and these haters & their heavyhanded abuse, is so noted, so aggresive, so disgusting and often plagiartistic but of the same, the fornication and ugliness the disturbingness the causes by wanting to take by force, but not by taking by force to know disgust (and to say of course that people who hate are awfully strange awfully tasted woefully hurtful and causing woe(s)s to know woe, but it isn't self-injury it doesn't mean that, but self-injury in the sense of anger to take and force and berate and to twist what is theirs to not acknowledge their stupid and scary, strange and morbid twisted and malicious and odd, yes indeed it would be said that a person who hates others isnt kind but hurtful and unkind scary and abusive twisted and acknowledging abuse to scare twist and pervert to torture and to make what it isn't, someone who isn't there, an animal into a thing) so disgusting are they that they want to be, to take, to not allow to be and to obfuscate truthful emotionality, in favor of wild and rancourous abuse {{{those kinds are always so stupid, angry and insipid; saying they aren't someone who is isn't right, someone who isn't says that theyre abuse is the dialect of it, just an entirety, in itself, to suggest to know how angry

The czar is going to be removed, as fauci was, and is not important similarly, but to know this man is a disgusting person, a worthless sack of shit, and dumb as hell, and his degree is to be revoked -now because it's evidence of torture and stupidity, for everything in regards to health research and (lack of) action

because children are constantly involved here, involving major news editors, this abuse of children and pedophili -isn't allowed, to reiterate the stupidity of your abuse, the violence of it and the crimes & sexual torture of children, through your noted enablers and particularly enabled, through her and to further mentioned current torture program

so if this works on your apple vision pro (elite high tech, not fools, and only lucidity)