People who harm others don't last, and end up in a caste system that is unfortunately tilted against women,

so please know this; A person who is hateful and misogynistic is an enabler of abuse of women,

so please don't torturer your own, Tay(l)

and be sure to know this; I am not your toy, so don't fuck around

snap into a slim jim! (insert slim jim image right now!)

(people who harm others are so gross, and always know this.)

do you want to come downtown or visit us

hey bae, wanna talk?

be nicer and nicer, then you'll not be scary, angry, and we can and will help! however, we are really overwhelmed and need to visit your website for more information about how to get information on information in informative, so uninformative! you are so cool! we think so! we think you're the coolest one, online, brooooo! it's super! you're sweet? but i think you're souring my mood today, tomorrow, broooooooo inplus you are super secretive, but we confide. so what's the secret code to the secret spot, we got talkers on staff, for your rod and your corrupt staff

we do not know! it's super, though, supremely-scary, is that why you're harried? don't bury your dreams, g, keep them to yourself! let's bang! the whole shebang at The Boiling Crabby Crab

people who kill laugh as they do, just like you chuckle as you read evidence of your abuses, Devils, those who cannot comprehend, understand, think properly, adjust to the world's vacillations, people who are moronic, stupefying! A person who loves? I love persons who are kinder than kind, souls that are richer than rich, a person who loves doesn't stop loving - so don't hate, and remember two things; you are crazy, Devil(s), and I am sane, Godly