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hostage day 2 : want money now, so tell us where to kill from, the side or the front, and is hatred laughable and spell your reaction in an emoji so to say if an emoji was text would i text you the same text of an emoji, and are emoticons iconic, and do explain if clangs and rattles are from yonkers, as dmx is indeed from a section 8 building, one which he attempted to jump off several times, including when a child, so i wouldn't say cocaine had anything to do with it? and money comes and goes, so don't cum on it, but he did that, so when it get sticky, he got sticky fingers, it was theft - again

if it's sensitive data, why isn't the condom labeled when i bought it was labeled, it wasn't labeled sensitive, it was generically labeled, so if a generic label puts out music and you buy it, does it make it a commodity, as sex is - you said you sell sex - now say that fast, faster and fast while doing so if you don't fast that doesn't make you quick, so if you bust quick that doesn't mean your rap quickly

Everytime an angel clips its wings, someone remembers that someone who hates that directness has a path