Travis Kelce Says Mama Kelce Put Him 'on a Leash' Growing Up

NFL doesn't rape suicide prevention advocates' work? to hide suicides and homicides by their abuses

If they hate MIA for no reason, and sued her for about $16 million then they're liable to kill

what a man. what a fighter for justice, not you violent travis kelce, not you, taylor swift, not the man, nope, and  certainly not selena gomez, who enables her, as a borderline patient, who won't say it (she isn't bipolar, or less); you don't shut people off with violence, and i'm not participant in leagues of vilence, like no war, please, scaries, no abuse of kay in the cia (no lectures again; she was taken advantage of, and she's not "hot"

kay isn't to work for the government in any capacitty; you lied and made it seem she knew of the FBI/CIA joint torture program, that wasn't the intent of her life's work

you can have health advocates from the nfl instead, and taylor swift and yes ted lasso and selena gomez

maybe the us keeps the nfl around (not around in other countries) to protect violence against women, against innocent people (such a league i would avoid because it is not cute to be exposed to brain damagers, unlike

oj simpson is free for a reason, a former football player, to hide their cte? robert kardashian, kim's dad, defended this killer (strange?

it is not a strong fight in the nfl, it is a weak one, the opposite way: violent instead of peaceful

health advocates need to investigate the nfl commissioner and travis kelce and taylor swift for their role in the destruction of Kay Jamison's career, all for money,

suicide is a real threat to nfl players currently and our work isn't to be abused, nor us either

your stupid league, with your stupid players, you're racists 

Pfizer is a corrupt organization, with historic lawsuits for drug addicting kids to potent substances that cause brain damage, just like the nfl knowingly does

shame on the nfl, for not preventing these days

God doesn't allow brain damagers to brain damage me, again, and again, as the NFL does, by Taylor Swift 

did taylor know that (brain damage, to stop, is she doing so now

Danielle would never enable this abuse, nor would Donna date a footballer? get it, scary abuser

travis., ronan is looking into your history of rape, and abuse, just to be safe doesn't reply, but is kind or witchy, or scary, or abused, or taking the role of a victim, or is victimized, ?

the most violent, misognyistic sport


I DON'T TORTURE YOU, SO DOnUT torture The Lord Above, thank you, and Thy Will Be Done, quickly

i know a police chief afraid of a ten year old, i ain't fuck with that, u? no thanks! go away, brain damager of a 10-year-old, bashing and burning and permanently leaving marks

so scary that was, still is - nightlights

muah, moi? do take care of your kids, don't abuse nor scare them, too, cuz i can cps right away, anyone, abuser(s) past + present + future, SCARIES

still scared of that homeless chap, Taylor Swift? is he making Travis Kelce scared, too, how scary for you NFL

nfl commisioner loves girls, so much, really, he does, and so he treats them with respect or um...::runs, weirdo

when people come to help katrina victims were you aware that george isn't the victim either, weirdo

very vulgar, hurts people for fun, to destroy - doesn't care, is crazy, lying-scary-scared, intentional infliction of emotional distress on people in stands, Church pews

nfl makes people sick intentionally, killing members of its former league, like seau, who they knowingly killed and desecrated

i don't stand for rapists (anyone who abuses, so when taylor swift engages the nfl, she enables racism (particularly the chiefs), and a hidden history of misogyny, and mental abuse (brain injuries intentionally caused, stop hurting, Kay!)

do not bastardize Kay Jamison's work, to hide your history of brain abuse (you sabotaged Night Falls Fast, satanist)

Travis is a known narcissist (as told by his ex), and might have hurt others, too, and Taylor enables abuse through this violent 

documented racism (native americans, trustworthy, not to be robbed and abused and tortured, like you did M.I.A. , not Travis Kelce