Don't promote murderer, enabling (who has been called a racist)

karma is not a god, but self-protection is, meaning it is important to stay safe in the way of a mass abuser

otherwise, you'll be responsible financially $ , and knowingly

Is the Sleep Painting revenge pornography, as Taylor Swift wrote herself in a blog post that was popularized (she has been called racist by expert because of sentiment, and its spread

(everyone who went to that show who had tonight's tickets need to be refunded immediately. were they refunded? the person you killed? the next shows which are not safe, because of your murderous greed)

If any corporate sponsorship treats Taylor Swift to a taste of fairness; this is a good way to break off a deal, and racism?

Thank you for immediate disavowal and condemnation, former sponsors?

She has completely avoided talk about Travis Scott, making him shoulder the blow for her murder(after too and suicide risks), and injuries (most too scared to say, which need to be investigated immediately, without fear nor intimidation)

people going to a taylor swift show aren't safe; your kid could have died, whereas mr. scott is a party-animal

Find a new sponsee: someone colored

You'll be held responsible if people are encouraged to blame-shift to Travis Scott, one affiliate of a (former?) nemesis

(history of partnerships' endings)

don't fall victim to online scams and deceits, she injured you after promising you to be cared for at a show, PROMISING, with the assistance of corporate sponsors

No weapon formed against us shall prosper, so please do not don't be turned against your friends, those who you are made to offend, to betray. You are being abused, and shouldn't be. All this has been logically deduced a few pages ago :)

"show but I’m never going to endanger my fans or my fellow performers and crew." Don't let the venue shoulder the blame for her fans' injuries and death (sue her for misrepresenting you, for lying to you, for saying she loves people when doesn't care, wants to kill and laughs it off, obviously the murder and injuries mean nothing to her (female audience)), it is her responsibility; play fair, right Travis Kelce, and Travis Scott. Play fairly, not dirty!

You did me dirty, Taylor. So dirty, you killed someone, even after knowing about the Astroworld tragedy; this is the Eras Tour tragedy. Murderer. Stop her from blame-shifting and deflecting responsibility, alluring music that makes you think about her soul only, to enhance it, sucking blood, so you won't be anything but slavish, just the right amount of fun and pain.

 Taylor Swift, Last week,  in November, 2023