there's hope, ms. simpson, sang, but she missed hope, so if i have too much hope, i'll be absolved no, forgiveness for innocence? not when it's too far, well i had hoped to be happy and colorful, not sad and morose, but if hope is gone, then what is a wilted flower, is it hatred or is it anger and do i hate you nor love more than i couldn't have loved without hope to be hopeful to stay hopeful but not be attacked for Innocents, not to merely represent the ideal, to kill those who take Innocents as once it's taken it's forever, but it's never gone, so if propriety and hatred never had a role in hatred then is love what i am or is love yours, not to be had, if love is not to want, then i am not wanted or am? because i am kind and jovial, not angry and scary, like you(s)s who persecute to feel to harm to not know to disengage to become emotional to feel to hurt to want to hurt to cause hurt and suffering to want to harm directly to do with no semblance of kindness without any measure to make others suggestible to your abuse to want to kill not hurt to take to not know to want to quell and kill both to hurt Innocents and not to allow beauty,to stop harmonious actions ad words and desires and also your abuse, to not know you are stupid is to know how noisy and abusive not to know but to always be, but to say i m not but they are to know their abuses there are, so to never be as you are a scary person who wants tu hurt and such hurt is always so gross always so insiduous; described as such, this abuser wants to kill, and quell both, to torture and to cause injury to people who are torturede it is yhour fault is the common projection such disgustingness doesn't become your anger and to know your abuse is constant and hopeless you and yours to never be what i want to scare and torture to behave scarily wantonly hurting another(s)s to indicate your presents as a disgusting person, who will be not but truly known so to proclaim your stupidity, your name is coded and your mother is not, to know your abuse, mister does not mean sir, and at this time collections will come to collect or your handler and know ur disgusting; such a predator, trained at the FBI, working for Taylor Swift may and may not have that history of torture to know your abuse is to always, and to say your abuse is circumstantial isn't this individual is not mine, is yours to be toyed with as as toy to not kow if you hhad a toy then it isn't yours to be had nor played, so play with our toys just to never be, so stay away order, doesn't mean i am yours to be had, to know oyu're disgsuting is always so and always tupid, just to not know your unkind and always so disgusting it's terrifying to want to have to kill to will to anger with vacuous emotions even, just violence, and utilizing violents to always be what you are a terrorist, somone who is terrorists, plural and pugnacious, not pugilistic, so disgusting and so if you had then you wouldn't not to have but to will with those who are have-nots

Persecution isn't torture? by the FBI? do you dare the CIA? to torture and persecute you so it's your fault? the fbi government school are good to you is that why you're working for us?

if the fbi worked to tortutre you did they physically assault and or is sexuality physical always no so this abuse started a long time ago to torture spirtiuals as the country breaks commandments by force of might and always so disgustingly to know their abuses directly and to feel them by force of might i was the only one at prayer meetings in the entire school system in america so they decided to torture me since then with an intentionality all along to deceive into torture programs, where crucifixion is the norm, and death isn't the answer there as i honestly had thought because if you are crucified five times does the sixth mean you are risen, and when christ rises does akbar mean allah and such abuses to distort and protect -American lack of moral values, so violent was this spiritual persecution to invoke drug dealers anda governmental agents, as the apa leads the mitchell/jensesn torturer center, so to protect the torturer and to torture in the future, so when they say it's a bitch to want to not know so to be a different, like them, differences? if ginuwine rode his pony, would shiva become a saddle so when saddles are sat on and backs broken the road isn't broken but blessed {so to say you're disgusting}{{so to you're feral}}{{so if you hate then you always hate your abuser and if you don't then to hurt such abuser so to know they're gross and well if you wanted to kill hitler's gas chamber it's not but whaqt it will be, a thug with historic intentioanlity, not an utter fail, but it's beginning and now it's end, to none if your hatred knows stupidity then it knows so much the violents the rage the wantonness of it all, like if i hate then is hatred your province of hatred and why does hatred domineer with your hater to not know why the hatred was and is to not know? if you don't know hatred is it ever to not become, saying if i i hated you, yours, the unity, honeslty so others get hurt by force of might to know your stupidity isn't to have it and always such stupidity such idiocy and such fools, to know so when they hate they really do to not truth, by force of might if everyone hated then no one would to say you are stupid is an understatement here, so you are stupid and such stupidity is historic to know your violence such a strange suggestion that others are the same, doesn't make sense a dollar to give a pound to a nigger who hates a 40 so if you know that you are stupid then you will stay stupid and if a nigga hates you don't pass it just know that you are not to be toyed with that you are not a toy but a property and that is always the same so to say if you hated the presentation of youtrselves, then you wouldn't want, to rape isn't {{{stay away, and no}{no friendship}{know knowledge}}}

so if people hate then they really do and if they really want to hate then they could have but never to have and have not our abuse to say if you are then you aren't, kind of thing, to say if you are then you could be to know your stupidity isn't my province my interest(s) to say such abuse is gross that abusers are grosser than ever just bc because you hate other(s)s so gross that a person would do a thing that isn't true but the same isn't true so if that's true, unkinds of thing, so when that happened were you crazed no you were crazy to say that if you eve had then you wouldn't and would never and will never near, but you did, using false pretesne to suggest that you are scary, that you wanted to hurt physically, often aiming the gun to head(s)s in direction of hatred so to say that your effort failed with your hatred so to say that was intentioanl planned and executed to persecute as as terorrist action so to say that if you hate then is not the right syllogism kind of unkind thing so when you hurt, sexually assault did you know that such hatred is a failure so to not speak {{{i would never near you and i don't approach strangers, so when you approached me did you think it strange?}}}

I have an encounter with a terrorist organization, and it is a scary group, known as Ben Yang and Family, and this organization will be stopped right now; it is a group, not an individual, and a abuse network