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this is like rich people stuff, and the weird people stuff, and the nerd people stuff, and the crazy people stuff, and the educated people stuff, and the pill stuff, andf the pharmacy stuff, and not really the kiddo stuff, so it's really like contact the people who know about it already, it would be redundant? huh i'm like huh um this is um

this person is a.i. that's all i can say there is no such thing as an interim police chief without a vote, of the police union, so this is an ungoverned town so this happens, it will stop now, and again, the right way, with MI5 and Japan ask Katie Porter for help! i don't receive messages nor e-mails nor phone calls, i don't know, if i get them or not, i don't really know what to do sorry guys, i don't have much to say, but i've sent lots of e-mails talking about the war and peace and my e-mail account and them deleting things and fbi visits and cia torture program and apa abuse, i know you get them, but like in a weird way, wait till i get my money right 

look at the glasses and see that i ain't lyin i'm doin this for everyone and the united kingdom and japan and egypt and churches and rape victims and whom? people who know him know him well and often talk about him at length, often saying, "you're so cool. cool." that kinda talk, gets someone shot out here (meaning, he's out there.) sometimes entire news stories are made up, it's kinda sickening, kinda not sick, weird and disgusting, i'm just sayin'

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ignore dr now


all bullshit

go to and

adding more emails now

Mina Samir Sargious, 1984 • November 18 • HTV 2023-2024.

ask frona summary from MI6 at and no contact with fbi cia is fake and i am real like tgings and fun scary burned business to ground killing animals torturing us made up fake dog cases sent family in boxes to torture camp emply cvs to do so

an interim police chief is not a  real chief he is ai and also made up by the fbi and cia beforehand so you wont find him and it is scary out there and unintentional (:

this is my dad my dad tookncare of me for him when a time came bad