When I see you, I see hope. So don't be sad. There's always hope. When you get sad, I'm here. But always remember why you're sad. It's because you're not angry enough, and anger is important. Don't be annoyed by those who don't express it often enough; that's not anger, that's abuse you're feeling. The way out of that is to smile less often, and to not tolerate the bullshittery. It's too much sometimes, too often. Yet you sadden yourself by dreams and fantasies. This stuff isn't real. It'll all be realized soon, but why? Do you think too much? No, it's because you're not...But if life doesn't end, then when where do you begin? Is it important to behave or misbehave? I'd say both. Misbehave when you can, and behave sometimes; it's weird now