i would not like you to harm others yet you do harm others to not harm me and I would not harm you to not know my harmfulness is not your heaflulness I have not your anger yet it is not become my anger it needs and i would not insult me nor another, it is enough, yet I have not. It is not your undoing of me, nor your doing of me. It would be better if you, rather, hated on someone else. I could not understand why your anger and your attention to mine, is not there. I do not want your anger and I do want you to become worse to me; I think it's prudent that you treat others kindly, and with care. I do not want a person to harm me and I do not want you to harm yourself; it is humanity. Yet you want both. And of me. This rape is circumstnatial and torture is not a part of my diction and my diction is not angry nor malicious, yet yours is both. And tyou want health certificates, and gladly don't care, it's your fault to keep, I do not toy with children, and I ask that you keep Americans away from me, and the only order seems to not contact any America, and block them from internet usage abroad with your hatred not known of mine, only of yours to take and not harm, and rape others, you a tortur e country and I will not harm myself

if roscoes is angry, then i'm a chicken; i'm a coup, and your a chicken and I put you in my hot sauce of ammo to understand I am not your toy, only toyed with, and your a part of a problem, and your problem is not problematic, and I am not your toy to be toyed with, and your racist asses are not toys to be fucked with apparently, so I'll let your strange American, put you away, with your strange talker and listener, i don't understand your rape, however, torture I do, you have put yourself in harms way and are harmed as a result, you are wanted, and I have never because you want more, and I can't serve you; it is yours, and ours, thank you guys, good luck in hell, is where you will go, without us, as we've moved far a way, it's your choice, which is it; grits is your dish and my anger is your piss to drink