Not only am i the domain hijacker of google to register the internet falsely, that is your fbi-cia-similars yet 

i am the 911 hijacker still

you're looking for my technological connection to a terrorist attack yet i don't i'm not the party you should be contacting regarding the domain industry, this isn't a fashion industry, not one to talk about hard work and literary genius and creative prowess and business savvy, the bigwigs know and are affected, not you little thugs, that's enough.

i did not break one domain law i even developed domain law at icann not even at freename where he will literally kill you right now spit in your face and your food shame on you stay away from this stuff your are banned to your world of torture, it is not your victimhood you little country ass fatherfuckers i hate you and i really do want you to talk to sir richard schwartz not yourselves, you schizophrenic terrorists!

the new developed while you were torturing and google it is at your homepage you are not allowed near our art, it is bland and scary you will contact us, as registrations have been blocked do not attempt to steal and rape, you are torturers documents and stay away from me, i use caution against you, you don't deserve anything, and that's why your technology is in jeopardy extra-nationals and to be blocked here

no technological terrorists do not approach freename's billion dollar baby stay away, you look like a cunt written into being terrorists banned from the internet this will happen light site by dark sight

Using same means and mechanisms calling me hijacker that is your torturers

a terrorizer is not looking for making an interesting person into another and harming a person that is is your it is not allowed of my and i had not yet uncovered that you are a bad person, using my data and datum, as your means of torture that is not nice nor is it that I would have harmed anyone let alone know you put your sii into the antedulevian anger of yours.

 if you harm another, then you are another. shameful and disgusting. you are a feral beast, also very uninteresting, that is your torture and your racism yet you had your torture of me and now it is through my anger that i don't show my quietude is not yours if you don't understand my literary device that put yourself away of it.

cia is the terrorizer of google and it did usurp the internet but i only work hard on my art project and creative business it is not related to take your lying traitor it is not yet contact do not -americanist it is out of your consideration if i had hacked any 2020 magazine jack david ross 911 hijackers

i am not a terrorist because i would be captured by now

this is about september 11, 2001. i am the hijacking victim. i am trapped in the fifth tower on the left. i have no information on me. and i am still alive. if you can find the lock to the window, it's possible to open it; it is currently sealed it is not open i will not get out. i need a couple things: water, food for my puppy, and also a new picture of my friend from the other consulate and pleae i beg you please don't answer the other consulate. i need a few drinks to and i need a few more ideas to survive, as the plane comes, remember i am still near, and it will need to be rerouted. i do not have much more money left, and I am sustaining a village and it is begging. i do not have more money for making my art for them yet it will need more money it's a paradox it makes complete sense if you have any information about the 911 hijacker please let me know, it is a big thing for us that we are not injured yet only happy please make your way out and they go it is not only this person for them i need only me and them it is a hostage everyday and anew person is not near i am the last person please hurry and taylor swift is on the radio all the time while i'm doing this it is not merely entertainment it is hard mathematical work through entertainment and it is both needed please see that i do not need more than enough that we have and only realize i am not alone it is that you are please answer and make sure you get answers i am only a plane away from our please to go it is now time to release final hostages and finalize these war documents and make sure i find the key inside your heart, mary, please hurry the ride is only temporary and the road forever please hurry and make your way to my heart, it is hurrying itself, and that is not a good thing! had i more information about your whereabouts, i don't have your means is not mine and your dealing is not that i would want to know more of please handle your b&i it is not more than i want and need it is less than i would want and make sure i do not know my doings is not the means it is not your means to mine. it would rather me angry than upset, and i need to be both, yet not now is yet to come, it is only time, and that is temporary, and fleeting, please flee and make your escape through my route described it is the best and not worst, thanks is not only a word, yet a state of being, take away your forever being, it isn't our temporary being, you do not enjoy, then i will, it, is for you, not me, yet us, not we.