sometimes people aren't that smart, it isn't their fault, so I have to be kind, but kindness has a limit, and patience a moment. So please understand that you are not unworthy, you are loved, just in need of someone to guide your hands sometimes, friend. When someone makes fun of another person, it's bad. You shouldn't do that, please. In fact, it would be helpful if you sought advice before starting a friendship. After all, some friends are not aware that you're handicapped :)

I love you, as friends only, and look forward to being friends. But I cannot be your friend if you think that it comes without limits. You do not know who you can be, you can be someone great, loved, and rewarded, but I'm glad I got to meet you, albeit vicariously. I'm sorry if I was harsh on the phone, but I'll gladly trade places with you. You deserve wealth, but only the kind that comes with kindness, subtlety, and passion! I'm going to ask you to do this for me; when you get home, in your jammies, think of all the times you had, the good times, the bad ones, and which meant the most. You are not stupid, but smart. I'm sorry, but criticism is okay sometimes. I love you, yes, but I need to know a bit more about you, and I really appreciate that you are a good person. You need to know, though, that your handicap isn't you, and it isn't an excuse for being aggressive, scary, and intimidating to anyone else, friends. By the way, when the day ends, you should say a little prayer; I won't be listening, but you will be happier. Take care, be happy, and I love you, too, new friends, but understand one more fact; Wu Tang ain't nothing to Fuck With. :)

Signed sincerely,

Your best friend at scary moments,

Monsters INC. (Signed, "Boo.") 

I will not entertain requests for interviews at the moment, because no one is here apparently, but myself, on a stupid cheap site, that looks rubbish compared to Instagram and Twitter and Facebook. I will love you, but do you know why? You are loved. Take care, Yours sincerely, a friend in kind, Billie Holiday (Yours isn't mine, and mine is yours, so behave!)