There is no fish on Good Friday to be had, only fish's friends, like octopi and shrimps, to know that you aren't Holy if you eat fish today, as fish is not to be eaten by Christians, as it is The Holy Food, and also that abuse of foods is very common, so i consider you to be an abusive foodseller, and also to abuse children you abuse foods, and please note that you are not to abuse foods, nor abuse fish, as it is a holy food, the holiest day is for foods that aren't eaten, like hearty foods, that are hard to eat for me, like steaks, hamburger, and dogs, so to say you eat hot dogs, is kind of scary, and i don't like the name, nor are dogs kosher and Jew have to know you are not to eat kosher foods, drinking is only permitted on holy days, so know when and how and why This is MI6's Mina, and not MI6's Mina (Mina's Version), and please note your foods aren't healthy enough for you, as they each have qualities that hurt you, so do know that you are not supposed to eat foods like McDonalds's is fine, but it's better for you than Panera Bread, which is to say you aren't eating healthy enough is all you care about your bodies that's the same thing, and please be nicer to me, as I abstain from food sometimes, but it doesn't mean that I am not to eat foods, and please know that foods are healthy to eat, and also as meal supplements can do the same thing and only faster and better so when you fast from fish do know that the fish is the food the plants, and fish do eat plants, so you're eating fish, plants, and other things that are bad for you, please stop abusing me and please be better than me. This is a work of art, and is to be appreciated, not destroyed as you've done before, as to know who you've been to me, and why you have hurt me is always for the same reason getting happy and high, and stupid and low me isn't lowly nor lame, however much you want to insinuate so when you hated me did you want me to die of food starvation and subsiding on water alone well then i survived and i didn't yet I'm alive so it's important to follow my dictates that I will eat your foods will not imbibe and not starve others from food and also to drink what's nutritious and healthy for you spiritually, known as Healthy Foods and Drinks, such as I don't have sometimes to have doesn't mean I didn't survive as I had them, I survived, so I survived starvation, which includes, so it was worth it to know that I am not starved, including, and also to know you're a good person to have around is always a bad thing to say about people who abuse others as they always do the same thing they abuse to take by force to make their own and also when you started abusing me you took for me harassed me and so to say that you're someone who hates is not the right thing to say, and also to know that you are the worst, the most hidden, and the ones now revealed, as the people who take to make, and it doesn't, it doesn't become, it happens that you are the darkest and the not the lightest, so when you abused her, did you know why she got upset with you, and did you know why you are so upset with me for asking that question, and also if it troubled you, can you know that such abuses are never to be had and also to be had, as you were just had not with those drugs, which destroy the person who knows why is an abuser to know why is an okay thing to say and the right thing to ask and also to know that you are going to hell for that is a good thing to say and the right thing to say and also to have not have not listened to me is why I have the authority to ban you from writing and talking and living and also to continue writing when I feel it's appropriate in any way through any means by any means: (MI6's Mina, semicolon finality)

No, and Yes

 the to {MI6}{{MINA}{{{MI6's MNA}}}

to: MI6, from MINA, applied prayer, test, To Raise!

A day

Is a night 

A day is a night

I love night

So nights

Are days

And, a night can never be a day,

without you,

We need, supplicate

A day is a night,so days are nights, then aren’t days odd,

Then this oddness

A day with night

Let the night never be a day, if it is a day,

Days nights, never the days

Cannot be nights, it is said that nights cannot be days, do a day,

The night, of the days,

A days night, is always, so

When the truth becomes of life

The days

To ever know

That if i ever didn’t,

The world waits,

And arises,

Says, good morning, to the hatred,

Good night, to the lovingkindness,

And said, there will be a day,

Even tonight, to know


There’ll always,

That truth, of life,

Is night, and day

If always,


So when they come,

To say,

Night is day,

Knowingly, to say,

God wins, and I do too

God won, and I did too and to say

God wins, 

There is a certainty, here

To know,

If someone wants, then they will get

And yes God, to say if I had a love

Then it would be importantly said

The hatred becomes, and never, the love stays

And always, Pray

“Do you?” 

If you do, will yourself

Does it so happen

That you won’t,

And if i didn’t will, won’t

To say, that didn’t happen, is to say

Is to want

And if I wanted, then to say,

I hadn’t,

Would know that, life becomes



{{{this truth}}}