why this isn't a scam

"it's better to describe racist language than to repeat it," nigger(s)s as this is disgusting to say, and has properties of racism even mocking tonality there, so when you say "language" and "racist," do not mock history, as one who hates does so intentionally, and I consider that intentionality always; do not harm me, and do not try to, as this is not a poltical conversation, to usurp and rape and claim ownership of, like slavery

more boringly and dryly, "better to describe" gross

Dale is that you again Oregon is still scared of me, FBI racists, so that's not racist, you dumb fucking nigger, listen I don't like you, and you are now guilty of committing another race offense, proving more involvement

to antagonize and distract deflect responsibility, an attempt to start race wars, as talked about before, disgustiong White Supremacy