92% of Republicans Disapprove of you, and you need to be taken to a hospital because you think it's ok for an 86 year old to lead the world's decisions and are acting on that decision. all your other decisions are in need to be reviewed as a result, and all can be challenged. laker season opening game. if, knowing the link between senioritis and fuck-ups, you think like him, you're equally in need of help

do you dare to be racist? racists are ugly inside, they steal they hide, and they commit suicide psychologically at the end of the day, by lying and abusing and not stopping and continuing and being illogical scary, un-frightened, stupid

do be a wo-man! do accept responsibility! don't lie, because if you do so you won't be strong

"karma, false god, is my boyfriend" NFL's "Mr. Pfizer," Travis Kelce

most powerful person on the planet (Swiffy, designation found objectionable!)

people shouldn't kill people shouldn't harm people shouldn't make me uncomfortable, but they do, and you know that people shouldn't destroy sanity, and people shouldn't make people unwell, and people shouldn't fight, and people shouldn't portray me to be crazy, and people shouldn't kill, and people shouldn't hate, and people should not be vulgar inside because that's ridiculous and stupid, and people shouldn't kill. and, yes, abuse is gross, and people shouldn't steal parts of me, nor should people destroy souls, well-beings, perfectionism, ideas, truths, and mistruths are really bad, because they're founded on thoughtlessness, awfulness, and hatefulness, and please don't destroy to heal, because that's self-contradictory

everyone should be treated not with revenge, but with American justice, as has been filially