In Dale Hoskins's said recent phone calls, it was a truly FBI order to take pills or be arrested, to take technology or be arrested, constituting the worst offense known that is known it's not a IYKYK situation, because it's them, not Us, The Godly, Protecting Our Innocents

Ronald Reagan has a terrible son, as does Joe Biden, as terrible as the rest of these sorts, and obviously have a role in these events, but not completely, as complete role goes as said, to everyone who has and had and has current power, especially abusing me

When Skepta Shutdown Ah-de-das (how do you say it, correctly?), taKe it easily, isn't the way to go, fight hard, but his shutdown is of abuser, not to abuse, and it doesn't mean that it's a codified system, theSillies, Innocents

shoulda stuck with M.I.A. and Mina's friend Ke$ha, as the these two white guys destroyed the dj scene to some, to enable many similar abusers, and killed the good dj and producer(s)s and either/or are likely working with the sorts mentioned, and likely do similar trafficking of those who speak up, because it makes no sense that m.i.a. and kesha wouldn't be believed (how is it possible not to believe someone?)

We'll talk Mexican KARMA next, Taylor Swift and The National's.