u don't take more to make less the new one is slow ya its not right and im just saying (this is 

this is not yours to take it feels good and numbs self-defense so goodbye apple watch illegal hello bad watch of color to not watch whom isn't, so the removal indicates that you don't like me but repeat what i say so to feel emotionality illogical-ally, weird, anyway, this could've been replaced by anything...stay away orders are not nellie mckay's coat of arms, the cover is brilliant and it actually got your bees buzzing torturers it's the quiet ones who aren't that way that hide the most vicious think you can relax that's the point of attack

and can't speak because don't speak is the women's anthem, forcibly and so what do i do now but then the abuse language this isn't about sexual assault, that's the other department i can get you their number if you hold your mouth for me open three seconds, then close two more, doors, to open three more mouths of no more, so when you're mouth is duct-taped on the car ride to the plane, remember you're insane story isn't true unless i told someone it isn't so it is not true (but you're arrogant) and so when is how your work today ))doing well, she'll say, just down and out, you know how it goes hey listen did you hear that new store is opening and it's so nice let me just get back to work