abuse is gross, it can be mental. it's so female, come on now. be women. be strong

stop being so angry and haughty

you're an abuser

you aren't allowed to touch my soul, assholes. ever. and stop being so weird. damn. y'all got to cool it with that child shit, it's for priests only, and shit like dat

go away, and go play with your fucking star wars toys or some shit

this ain't cool at all not even remotely fucking psycho kids

y'all doin too much

pray for yourselves i guess

but i ain't gonna listen u scary fuq.

angry old men who like dirty ladies

who look at kiddo shit

and act important

none of you are remotely intelligent. stop perusing other peoples' shit, liars and weirdos

and stop intricating yourselves in bs that ain't yours

weirdos, too, for lying and seeing if u were cool enough to hang (nah, y'all kinda off)

fucking ugly and dirty-players

take advantage to feel good

ugly guys who lie

disturbing and lurid

no thanx angries

suspicious and lost


clearly lunatics who like looking at childrens' shit

and a weirdo chick who likes hippy stuff too much

she gross

pervert central

leave if you feel like nauseated and shit like i

fucking uglies

when someone advantages themselves to someone else, you aren't supposed to lie

i hate people who harm others

it's not a good thing

i hate people who harm others or themselves

i hate bad people

bad people are evil

i live and wonder why people lie

abusing others is not a good thing

lying is a bad thing

you lied

you lied

and you lied


and tortured me

you are a bad person

you are going to HELL

don't abuse others

don't advantage yourself to others' souls

taking advantage of innocence is disturbing

you take advantage of spiritual innocence

you are a deviant

you need to be placed in a facility for these sorts

I am strong.

You are timid.

You are abusive.

You lie. And are incoherent.

As proven.

But everything else is true as well. You're not supposed to be a trickster. You're not supposed to indulge in hatred. You're not supposed to lie and manipulate.

Who you are is not me. I hate liars

You are abusers

You fabricated and lied, as you've dumbly shown.

What idiots.

You are the holy narcissist.

I don't want anything to do with you, and you need to get treatment for paranoid personality disorder, as I've shown.

Do not abuse others for pleasure. You are a sadist, but I'm averse to that kind of stuff. Weirdo

Do not lie. Think that says that somewhere

You like looking at children, and toying with them. You are a dirty man. Sorry but no thanx boss

stop fucking around and acting dumb

it ain't cool

y'all softies :)