People who kill laugh when they do, naturally, but not without knowing that dreamers live, not killers of dreams, and people who have dreams 

monsters? don't make others cry, only make others survive People who kill don't have hearts, they have darkness written in their blood, but love doesn't evade is not pussy doesn't have anything but light, does and will make people who? 

it isn't a rhetorical

incomplete souls aren't going to meet God's kingdom 

People who kill have to know (people not hatred: be.) when others harm, it is often to destruct, but destruction, that's really ugly, so please live in accordance, mindfully to never be crass

As such, monsters die, and angels they will never become, and destroyers never prosper, not just run (Be!

(Abusers lie to advance themselves, so don't be full of trickery, be kind and not obnoxious, don't laugh

because when you do 

I cry, because laughter is a sign of lack of depth, and, of course, vivacity!