when someone is funny, you are obligated to at least try, even vainly, to laugh it off, because people aren't good people, and it's human nature to want faux elegance, but if you seek it, it's probably not worth it, right? i live for God, and that's why I live

why are you applauding, and those random laudings? I've been toiling in these fields, you didn't have to throw your cigarette butt like that

Not everyone is into glitz and glamour, it's more about staying strong, not fighting powers, not abusing others verbally, or mislabeling others, but standing strong, in the face of evil, because that's what happens always, people are disregarded, discarded, their foolishness is just transparent, and people who hurt others are really uncool, and it's not good to be weird, but that's what you are.