"world's best veterinarian" refused to assess for aggressiveness or improprely assessed, putting lives at risk. not funny, but scary. violent dog, bad representation. violent one. refusal to fix violent doggy, refusal to amend!  now the dog is punished, and ostracized, his normal environment will be destroyed. this is animal abuse. do start with an animal that requires less responsibility, but the damage is done, and that's not good. sounds like an unsafe environment to start with, and having a violent dog can disturb human psychology; a menacing dog can disturb fellow pets and humans. did you know that Britney Spears cannot own a pussycat anymore because of what happened to her, because she is um not trustworthy or something. Just joking. It's the next step, tho, for sure.  the owner is responsible for all bites. and anything that could have happened. and the dog's current living situation; you were living large weren't you? spoiled-rotten dog!

should any animal be domesticated? why do you claim ownership of something that isn't yours? if you are going to domesticate an animal, you have to treat the animal kindly and with the upmost tact.

i do not trust anyone who hunts or hurts innocent animals (mosquitos suck blood, so they're a representation of evil) with a pet. do not harm innocence! scary. how is that legal? it's a step towards psychopathy, and even an introductory sign of it.