I told you I don't feel right must I right you to know it I told you it doesn't help it hurts stop this is not yours i want it its mine keep it let me say at least what i want to say i won't hurt you stop fighting back that's what i said when he raped me who did that's your rapist stop it twitter why must you instagram what i'm saying and proving you're the one i was it's not you it's you who raped me it's not yours to be had that's why i told them to rape you not me it doesn't mean that you're gross stop it hurts stop stop abusing me who gave you that money you said loved me Amanda didn't like it she said I liked it it's yours not mine ew you keep it fuck y ou it's yours not ours stop i want to talk let me out of here i like him let me talk to her why are you lying she seems nice why are you making her scary you didn't have to lie to the police let me have my phone i'm not doing anything wrong you rapists


he says he's there and you make him crazy so when can we have fun again i waited four days this the guy isn't helping she's always there it's your fault that you abused me not you you disgusting niggerish slut priscilla chan i hate you let me live longer it's not your choice it's mine and he says it's ours so stop mark zuckers from smucking us out he's gross i hate it i hate you let me free now she wants out it's your fault all your fault. SUBMIT

There are terrorists on Twitter, is a troll farm and strictly that there is only terrorism on it it works an agent for Instagram and Meta, it will not stop until Meta stops, these individuals are posing a current terrorist threat of action: twitter.com/joealwynpenguin , twitter.com/decoyrobot , twitter.com/melissabroder. twitter.com/taylorswift13 , and instagram.com/taylorswift the webpage will need to be deleted as soon as the other is, which will happen as it happens, to note all hacking attempts are noted as "downtime," because governments have tried to take them down, but the United States of America keeps resurrecting them using and tricks and tools no one wants and it's always a click of the button for them, so before you join a hacking group, notice you a criminal and a terrorist you are committing terrorists in new ways

I am being held hostage online, with the innocent people of the world asking for help begging for it if they begged they had to die? Everytime I begged I got hurt? Well, I beg you, forgive us, and let us go, the United States of America is a toy, please leave us alone, you are a rape culture and supported so strongly, but we fought back and won, so please give up the goods and go, this will not hurt that you much, go ahead and do as this video destructs hope and dreams of hopeful sorts who had hoped to help you and instead you've raped violently to enjoy for the rapist's fun of yours, well I told you that don't doesn't feel right please stop it's not you it's me that's hurting it's not yours

Your webpage needs to be deleted by an older person named Betty Shabazz, you racist maskwearers stupid fucks and murderers of him, so I'll do it for her, with a gentleboy's graces, and touched by a gentlegirl. If Avril Lavigne told you to, would you do it when and how and how she liked it and how did it feel does the taste linger is it yours that i tasted to make myself tasty to other you and your work and destroy after We told you I will take it