biden.mp3 this is biden don't bother me how dare you ruin my life you are traitors and i have to get credit monetarily now you are abusers and disgustingly stupid and worthless don't talk to me talk to Sammi Kraft, she'll get back to you Jesus, Come to Jesus, Mindy Smith, California is it my toy yet?

power ain't yours power is mine not yours and mine and ours isn't yours stay away from Us a person isn't you are the terrorists who are worthless and impractically the darkest powerless thugs i ain't affiliated with (this is a war speech of hatred of you)

i found your president biden in a home of hatred and also away to tool himself without his helper there, as both were raped and kidnapped, because of people whom aren't kind and nor kindest and the ablests of the world know you are not to have whom you couldn't half and you are not to split houses into homes, as that doesn't make sense, nor does it make tellers at the places without such hatred available to see in open viewings you see homes and I saw hatred there in Hawaii and it was burning hot my hatred knew you were to kill me there wasn't a place to know I didn't know you is it where you aren't to know, it isn't your house to become your fake throne, isn't yours is it not yours to want what? you're fraudelent and very stupidly so hateful to kill me you have the same heart of hatred. Is it yours to want what you have to be is a truth of yours warlockery and her to know that isn't yours to have, when you raped you have it on your wristwatch to know that is not youtr home to make what you want, as you wait in purgatory, for fun time at a pool with balloons floating from children's hands and they're crippled feet don't show what they are to not ism and you are not to mock the person you made to not know it isn't yours it is Ours to know you're afraid of Virginia Woolf, Taylor Swift, as you've repeatedly said stay away from me i'm so scared he's scary he looks angry he's on drugs I wonder if he has a weapon I can't let  you in to see me and know whom I carry a gun with, and I will shoot you Joe Alwyn is it your girlfriend or you your boyfriend Matty Healy and why has someone so infiltrated and poisoned Our Holiness is Always to the Vatican See why you are not to not be is it yours and theirs, together, then you will never be the person you couldn't have seen appropabitorily without your hatred is your hategreeen never speak to Us whom I am was and will be, Eternally, Thanks a bunch -Mina from Pasadena, California, where I respect boys and girls to respect myself and my upbringing my neurochemistry is the best yours is the worst, to be erased by force, and changed by force of God. there is the video audio and spatial video on y our head instead of doing things for God for Our Souls, which will happen, for the PURITY of Life to Come, Amen And TRULY TO GOD FOREVER AND EVER FOR GOD AND THE VIRGIN MARY WHOM YOU DON'T TALK TO AGAIN AND SO MANY KNOW NOW EVERYTHING OF THE WORLD IS THEIRS, NOT OURS FOR GOD FOREVER ETENRALLY IN THE PAST GOD SAW IN TEH PRESENT GOD DID AND IN TEH FUTURE GOD WILL AND NOW GOD WILLING I WILL STAY GODLY FOREVER 

this is warwin 4 God and myself and my family.MP4