i told that stupid motherfucker to stop, he continued to do this aint even answer fuck ramy youssef traitor bitch who deserves to be fucked in the ass, on Black Jesus

you are not your hair, doing the black hate huh

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"your inspiration" does not mean that

Egyptian Proud Boy Movement info@cair.com to know hatred is to know it well so i know i'm hateful so i can awfully know how to know a hater and to be a hateful is to say less not more if i hadnt then i would have how much to have is too much youre right is to say i have a few more to do with and for a person I once know not knew so if i knew never knew you i just did to have to sing for my job is a living to have such hatred and be robbed is a misgiving of my mother's just to say, I hadn't hated so much as before, so today i have more hate-stories in store, since when that happened, i've been really anger, a thug can never have the person with cancers. sorry cancerous