Marketing geniuses study finance, like Taylor's dad, however Taylor is not even college-educated. She graduated from a home-schooling program, and she isn't an artist

The domain industry is not a toy to be toyed with. People kill themselves after they get sued by Taylor. She is an evil person, and you all are the same for not listening to me. I do not subscribe to abusers, nor do I allow any abuse.

Visit me today at And please give me credit where it is due, because I do not fuck around and I created this shit, not her, who is a known plagiarist. She is not a real artist, she is not (cute? aggressive and frightening, not ---, she is stupid. Please delete anything you've done and please abuse yourselves. You are all so malicious, indignant, Foolish

People who threaten others with domain lawsuits, like Taylor Swift, are considered the demon in the field. She is an Evil person, and I want her sites down. All of them are Foolish