i wanna ask you if you want to meet someone, the guy was really into you, someone thinks he's into you

say whaaaa

iono i do know if someone offers you documents to sign do know what they entail, like if they say drop your fucking kid off with a fucking nigger at a fucking bustop, it's to the long and winding road dorothy kansas kind of shit, and i don't fuck with that; nah, so if that nigger is a fucking then who he be, this nigger ain't no fucking; half the time he stupid, but this ninjer is, so i'd suggest stop, and go, that any irregularity in urethas, ain't true, it about the differences, yo, like i'm real but this nigger is fake, scary, and unimportant; i'd also be wary of, and when i mean wary "wear-E" we're not feeling it tonight kinda shit, cause this ninjer ain't it alone, alone a nigga dies, so they others; they ninjers they niggers they niggas even getting fucked by handicapped motherfuckers all the time, like one of these guys has a fucking handicap sign he aint it and wanta tell you to fuck down, seriously; like when a nigga fucks he gets the bitch to say his name it like ordered, but when a nigger fucks he gets the same order of name, but it sound different, like is that guy ok is he doing well and why and what so if-then statements do work, but as the hyphen says only 50% of the time, so when you take your half and half or rather how do you, be, and do you realize "how you be" is racist becaus if you don't then something wrong with you

you wann me telling you what, it means you fuck the same kinda in your fucking versace draws, but that don't mean you know that ninjer taylor swift's guy matty healy bleeds it dont mean that blueface capped, blueface capped mean he got a beatdown not lied, blueface all cap niggas kinda different it kinda true an nothing kinda true

and plus that bitch initially she fucking look a bit the curly in the back she got a muff a different color, so she ain care more than that back girl did at pea soup andersons, where they ain give head in the bathroom, kitchen, but only in the fucking head, these niggas out here that can kill on sight can fuck a nigga down to kill a nigger's bitch like they want it so bad that a bitch  got wood sometimes like the doublin back

ask about a page monitor if ur busy and give it up don't mean jean grae always on point she is always on point these rappers delight kinda on point back then, but ain't have longevity, power that's real, it's real j lo from the bronx so she would know her after a bad trip, supposedly people got friends, so im friendly i got friends, and those friends "i got you" ain my fren, frenzied shopping all the time here, we out here tryin to pick up clothes, ain no one shopping well that mean what i said ain no one doin fashion no more, i mean by that it's kinda uninteresting, and it was my main interest in shopping besides looking into what shopping sites to go to, lol, so when a bitch hits a ninjer and that bitch's then it ain't right to be wrong? nah, it ain't right to be wronged so ima say this, "i do not fuck around, only on, yea i do like to have fun, but i don't mess around when it comes to this stuff, defined best as anti-weird shit, anti-bitch shit, (anti-being a fucking snitch to hit a, to know i ain never heard that kinda ain true there are elements historically but precisely not really like the rescued turpins kinda family related ariel castro scary-looking-homeless-butgotahomerightthereantheyaintcare ain't right, it's so wrong, it's always the police then cause if they can't check the house next door they ain't doing the job right, if at all, and i wonder wtf they doin

yo muff a bad word someone say to me i ain no what it mean, so i think it mean if i am a afro kinda nigga then i aint respected and that alright, it ain't mean i'm kendrick valedictorian smart or nothing, it just mean i got hood dreams to be realized still - like why kanye ain make sense that might be cgi too, aint that a crazy bitch, so i would make sure yall fam good for real, ain't no one out here talking to me, maybe i hope mi6 be so they are niggas from the antithetical stuff, those who stuffing ain't mean doing stuff, they ain let you be creative with langauge, so indication is of aspd with autistic-hating, so a level of rigidness, not of body, but mind, but perhaps expressions of rigidity differ, so when someone has a backbone and amkes you think about oh you playin to make me think of something else, what you make me think that ion wan to   can i guess that you want to fuck me down, like all the way up, so you tryin to do the thing that gon mess me up completely, like steal my gilr and make me listen to one direction all day

when that happen kinda shit like it mean the second like that straight taken raped, they wanna rape a nigga language, make it pedophilia, as i defined previously, correctly as language has been raped that way taken full of innocence, the niggas outside these days all cops ain no gang fighting like if that wipe his nose and ain no one answer and everyone scared scared of who and what, prolly scared the whole world crazy, they make a nigga think he gon crazy like wiped out crazy, so the firs tnigga that did this probably halfnigga like ain a real man yet, probably some kinda b-side would be helpful, like it on there for a reason it chosen particularly not to complement usually a remix radio dance edit that on there, it exist and it on there probably to listen to, duh, so when a bayside become what that show no one watches tv anymore no tgif on friday night dateline murder mystery an you go to the frozen section get you something nice, i mean it thats how im movin ain no need to cook anything but sneakers and 1989 studio good clothes i cant afford who you talking to, i got what i want huh an ill fuck you up seriously