this isn't a kind gesture. the united states of america is beyond cowardly. has insisted on terrorism. and is still torturing me, the one who ends it gets it. this is a terrorist nation that i was placed in, and I do not want it near my kids nor family, and as such i initiated a search and seize for the majority of your country not to acknowledge and that cowardice and violence is yet to have meaning. that's why your country is at war. it kidnapped the leading artist in america. and you did not flinch when i worked 20 years to find her identity. and yet i worked for other reasons. and that is a lot more than one paragraph

the current nature is a fake victimization, you made me work, and then tried to erase me using extreme torture tactics, not once getitng a response, it involves the entirey of america and its constituents and that is not yet partied (and that is you!) it is not low-stakes, this is extreme kidnapping, that infilitrates only the select few elite agencies in the world, and that this search and seize that i committed for the united kingdom many years ago is still on, it is still where am i, and when are they gonna get me it is such a difficult endeavour i may not be alive tomorrow like usual, and your terrorist nation, is not addressed, i will address you, you are so scary, fuck you and stay away low-and-high levels, you are a such a bullshit country, this is tough on you, no it's not, you are not men and not women it is not yours to take it is not your balance to tip you stay away, you have your fbi you have your cia you have your nsa you have your apa you have them, i don't need to reiterate myself and that you make me, is so disgusting, more rape, and you will not cease, it has gone too far, you have no commitment to peacekeeping, and the israeli war effect (This is part of the problem elaborated on at the israeli war office, and the war win for haim is already documented), this is such extreme gesture that you will not, and i have to stop your abuse of me, with the most experienced cia and fbi and war operatives in general, and, thereby, other country leaders, this is a rep for the uk, please contact them extra-nationals it's growing in connection (that would necessitate a response) the response is extreme and almost antagonistic, not yet to me, thank you saudi and you, half-to (3,2 affect) (war kidnapping, abu dhabi) and please recall sabrina singh today does not and you are and why are you that you had not yet had your opportunity denied yet my opportunistic side had yet decided that you had not much to give, only to take that you are not to talk about and you took you laughed you had your way and you escaped into my anger yet not my peace it is your disposition to hate that made you, so hate on and let me to tell him that it is not your choice of occupation and i had not escaped my exit route only to find another that you would have not your way it is that you are not yet human only humanly, it is your disposition and my obligation that i had not yet discussed first love second hate it is not your emotionality only mine please leave me be and young understand it is not your voice to take it is yours to mock and please respect that i had not only misunderstood yet understood your pointlessness it is not sabrina's singh is not your song and dance is not that i had yet only my anger for you, taking her is not yet my decision only my choice, yet you had not only hurt her as to hurt that i had not only anger it is anger and it is not yet only that and it is you took that is not your ti i had not yet understood your anger too much it is not yet that you had not yet. that you had yet google to rape america that is your final frontier then let it be and recall it is yet your rape, that only mine won't know, with your rapist at chief then it will not be allowed and it is yet your anger that i would not approach, using reproach tactics at war and your violent torture that you have not yet understood

2020.10.25 | RE: Fr. Antonios M. Baky.pdf

thanks a lot clot, that's from nigerian mother scary 




had your work not been touched, then you are, and i return home, that is not yet discussed, this battle it is not not a war, and they'll handle this dirt

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