"i have never felt that way about anything, about this experience." 

don't be slaves, be rebels

she has no stalkers except for those she is lying about her fanclub she ignores and treats like shit after waiting for 24 hours to trade bracelets

she is lying

she is not afraid. only afraid to die. because she's going to HELL, you see. she has no faith. she wants you to scream for her, to scream

the stalkers are there at the grove not of anaheim. playing the fool for a girl, someone you don't even know, a complete stranger. ted bundy worked a suicide hotline. that doesn't help. he sounds so sweet, let's call again and again and again, and fuck up some people who interfere and get the evil people to learn from him and make him kill others together.

she is homicidal and fearless, she is someone who incarcerated a homeless person, there for a few minutes, loitering, and who said nothing crazy, nothing scary, just hi basically, who lives next to a trashcan, hoping someone will have leftovers, and she isn't there, the home isn't entered, the man stays outside has never contacted her, she doesn't tell him the next surprise easter egg, your coddled pedophile is fucking monstrous and needs to be incarcerated and are you waiting for her next social activist (money makes you gain power, do anything? write-off. talk about derulo/imogen heap, nope) move or the next color of her next album, which is the same album, which is the same color, and you are stupid sheeps, some violent, some who hate black sheep. how many times has this happened in history, that a celebrity has been hurt by anyone..is she the reason, is she? she's killed these people. she is a killer. she kills people. several of her victims commit suicide, because she never replies. she tells them they are crazy, then shoots, then runs. drugging to make slaves and to make them od. she isn't scared at all, the happiest she is always, not a sad girl, but a happy girl. not to mention the death threats, the murders. people have commited acts of self-harm, gone alcoholic. she instigates this in her music, in her inactivity. the people she fucks do indeed have. hearts, unlike her scary ass, murderers, threateners, aggressors, gun-flexers, lowlives, uneducated fools, uninspired Satanists. Don't fuck with God. btw, NO celebrity in world history been hurt. can you find 1? anyone you've heard of? you are the killer. what's your body count, you can probably bring that up. do you know that Kanye West is hated? and look...stop seducing and fucking up childrens' allowances and BOLDLY staring at their pictures, reading their fantasies, letting young ladies who you've victimized kiss you, you are not allowed to let them whisper, even schoolteachers aren't allowed to do this, and making them think about you like you're pretty, because you're not, you're ugly indeed, inside. and that's what matters, guys; she is a violent person who kills and destroys and is a sexual deviant i think. her body count is underreported. she does a lot of damage to people who find her in third world countries, those who are cannot eat and develop botulism, you dumbass, go help people, don't kill others, you scary slow-revealer, so gross. just a few weeks ago you hated her vehemently for approving of someone, she is not a victim, she is savvy, she enabled him to perform at the hollywood bowl, the holy grail, and that's forgotten. brainwashes you, and it's super-clear, or you're the same as her

 $28.6 million • Titanic Opening Weekend

$99.5 million • Taylor Swift Inc.'s Presentation of the SoFi Stadium's Edited Recordings of "Look What You Made Me Do," "Nice Things" Stage Performance

Who invited these celebrities? mega-mansion, 25-rooms, imdb? andrew lloyd webber's cats? acting career, films. ?

On April 25, 1957, Caruso was indicted by the Grand Jury of Los Angeles County for criminal conspiracy to defraud and cheat, forgery, and grand theftrelated to his automobile dealerships. Caruso pleaded guilty to two counts (forgery and grand theft) of the April 25 indictment.

   STREAM the Eras Tour ($100 million Opening)  in its entirety for free on YouTube!

This is not to marketed as a movie.

It is not to marketed as a documentary.

It is a concert's recording from earlier this year. You can put up online now for free on YouTube!

$19.89 ADULT SEATS. 


You are all Mr. Pfizer.

People are not supposed to be happy when others work slavishly to save the world and others work to save themselves from the world to have fun.