bi-sexual community {rape to effect child torture}  child molestation is the norm in america, with agents described for that purpose, and each agent knowingly harming and making sickness reality with each pedophile at your coptic is known on my radar only, because of your trader of people, is your and yours, is not mine, you are desgusting, artless, and not mine, you stay away and you go towards, it is not my church to harm, it is not my church to heal,  i will need you away from my church, it is not yours, it is not protected similarly, nor constructed for that purpose, you are a terrorrist and also for that purpose of rape and torture, with your children rapists, knowingly, and for that purpose of pleasure, desgusting-looking, uninteresting, and animal-like, and your terrorists is not my websight, it is yours motherfucker! Stay away, and keep away, other from your child molester children in your coptic protector in america of america and currently an organization that harm's is heal's, and yours to not know me, and your not a person to want, nor need, and your desire is and was purposefully desecrated figure and my disfigburement, it isn't someone to know, nor known, with your and yours, and my and my's, it is not your victimization, nor my-subjecthood, and your very matty healy of you, and I wouldn't say he to represent you, is my to represent he, as this individual was hired and worked throughout to that purposefully deranged individual, it isn't someone to harm, only, unknowingly, for your man and woman, is not my pain enough for your joy, then why are you so pained and joyous, it is he, your representative has chosen, and your ultimately responsible for mass casualty, and mass delivered to an alternate cuntry, it isn't yours to know, nor keep linguistically nor scientifically you are starstruck easily stupefied and isolated men and women, everyone looks foreign, and you're advantaged thereby, when you say "that great person is alien" and you are slow-thinkers and fast-achievers, everyone looks stupid to you, and you shell a cunt to a bunt, and dress your skirts still, faggots! i do not know you and yours are staying there, without me, i said no means no, you are not free to me, only obliged to your abuser, stay away from me and mine, it is not yours to take, you weird garish personified, excitable and desgust me again and I'll fucking you you fucking molesters stop jacking off to my dick, stupid bitches, any contact against my will, is codified, stay away terrorist -America and gangs ain't your gang to know, and I don't give a fuck if your student is fucking rpaed, leave me alone, and stay away from me is not your order, only mine, you 

 i am a not a terrorist, i am not in al-qaeda, i'm not interested in your garish structured pillars and your a birdie to my throne of hatred of your weird children getting married tomorrow or something, i really don't like your banque=890- halls, and I don't have to, yet when you go to a banquet hall at a coptic wedding, it's the same shit, a bunch of bullshitters drinking another wine glass niggers and dancing sluts, smelling like sweat, dripping off your balls and with the purpose of singing about an atlantan whom is not there, looking for the next conquest and dancing with a child to become a woman and I don't like it here p[ease get me out of this ritzcarlton moon-bay shelter it's really nice of you,  sleepy usher me out, with your security guard, and know that I am not your belvedere, nor your street pusher, stay away from me, oof everyone at this church shakes hands with me and says "obelek" I really don't wanna sing that song, yet I did, fast all day, for you, to be happy tonight, you're still fucking with my head, go to your fucking mothers and thank your fathers, because I can't fuck any of them for some reason and I really don't want your children are known to be gay, and hang with eafch other, once I caught her old flame drinking vodka in a dark site, with her mother chereing on, peter wahba is a grill macvhine, and I don't wear fancy clothes for he to bge me, and I really don't like mothers whom is in trial with your father, I don't like you, I don't want you go away fuck hyour mom and leave mea lone, I don't like you either, your child is hafl-stupid, and my home is not aq fucking place even, stay away and get your money at the dfoor, with your children of poor foods , and homeles shleterws dancing like sluts and please go to another place, I don't like the air in your church, it's half-dirtiness half-cheerful, please leave me alone and get a gun, it is not your purpose to own, you gunholders at that church, are really bad, and dark, pleae don't go there, you are there to not know here about my actions is not yours and you and you are not to contact- and yours to not have