I'm plenty smart, to know that I don't need to leap a year of education when leap is an educational program, so don't mock my emotional incontinence in 6ixth grade to be forced back a year, for no reason

remember when the Benz was stolen from the open garage, that never happens, I think something someone was contacted blame was shifted or something, but MyQ alerts certains to open garages, and I found it myself in the ghetto part of Old Town

fake friends will be made similarly, if not already, to claim victimhood

and that was OJ day, not orange juice, and i went around the world - twice

it's said that when Jenna Lewis slipped me up, Colin Powell's niece, with a direct connection to, had no role in this; it's just my moral maturity and execution of it, traditionally British traits

terrorism against children is incredibly sadistic, and is extremely rare if never, so that's the first one, retroactively