You are known to terrorize and rape certain populations,  the rich elderly Japan and the young elderly Japan, and it’s for one purpose, R, and your intention, T, and use, ART, Anger Rage Tonality, and it  is very hard to see through, requires a bate and a rod to you know it you have then your and i then you know to know that you are not harmed then harm and do so for that purpose of rape and torture, using the Japanese style dialect, it would not be known if you had know then do know you to my is to harm you and your i would to know you i to have you half you are to half then whole you to is you then you are to know that you are not you are to harm you are to know thus to with you you’r then you’s and you’rs an you know you real you fake to know you real and fake is you to know you to run and run i then i i o a rip to torture is yours, then and our, you are  -ai you are your, then you are to torture and you know it is so you haven’t known to torture then you are torture and haven’t then you had, you and had wish ahd you have your is you  an you are yourd then you are to know you are to you and yours then i and i wish you to see that if i hadn’t been so harmed then i wouldn’t heal your is yours to know is knowledge’s of yours(to you) and you know it is to then you have to know you are is you known a person of such is yours then had i wouldn’t harm such-hads you to know why you aren’t known is it so harmful then you aren’t to harm of cours-e you a harm then you aren’t harme you i would not harm you heard

kill you with one finger nigga

And you broke the heart of america to break down a wall, and you need to fuck with someone else, and you won that award like your bitch does not havee, it is yhours to keep, not take, you are a kank, and no you are a cunt and blunt to suck, you do not fuck with me like this, take your superbowl, take your blunt in it and put your ashes in it and get your sucking ass away from me you are whore and i am not kind of nigga and get your bitches and harten soul and i do not know you

ihaimyourssiesiræisoiisöliouæminasm and you are's ihaimyouares to they i right wrongly you are's righted we are righted and i righted

a religious man is not spiritual yet a religious sorts are not spiritual it is not a religious despot nor seer it is a religion to know you are knot is your world enjoyable to your sacrifice is at war still you did not sascrifice your life you did  sacrifice anothrer for yours it isn't enough to know me well enough then youve known how to harm for what reason to mock and berate and enjoy that you a re keep it is not your joy it is my pain therefore your stupid child and mother is not my suffering wife nor angry son i want to know why you've told you've youself away is your understanding that i am your weakest spiritually than i am to knot want your stupid child nor angry father it isn't kind enough of you to annoy me, yet I am not toyed with, your childhood is solely in your hate, in your love, to my away, when you took, to give, me there is your cihld known to not, it is your fun, not my, to luagh, you away (there, the sea) ((i want))((not to near)))

your shore ,troubled, by my tides {away}{{strange is}}{{{rape, the environment then}}}

deserve little, disgusting men and women

Uneducated, unsightly torturers? haha, keep america, to yourself, disgust me looking like shit literally most of your men smell like your women

If you want to answer, post that you got banned from every other country, Taylor Swif ain't your bitch to fuck with anymore a pussy you ain't me you know taylor's version ain't your forgetful today

and your threat to is, not your teRror, you look retards and you are, fucking weird looking and smell and dance like shit

You cannot take my anger from me, and I get my joy out of your taking of my anger, you can have my aggressive ass kill you I don't give a fuck

you look less like chaliz than michelle langer, it's your fucking pussy, it's diseased and white, you are so scared, guys, so dumbfounded, gaYlEs

You cannot take my anger from me, and I get my joy out of your taking of my anger, you can have my aggressive ass kill you I don't give a fuck

because you're so scared, let me suggest not hiding like your hero taylor swift and nfl, it's important to respond, like cvs does promptly, to the united nations council on torture, fucking scared, that ain't me, i'm the opposite, that's why they don't answer, pussies, diseased and dancing to my song you ain't gon change your council church it gon happen that you are the pussiest scaredest motherfucker ever, as a totality, and an inclusive entity, i don't want to fuck with step back and take your money, i want to fuck you lilit pogosian md bitch a little bit more

DOn't know how to read my writing, americans, don't know how to read my emotions, americans you got an ugly ass psychiatrist and a weasel for a god, something's wrong with you, and it's not in the water

Currently  reign of terror in the most-vicioustirr in world history this is a localized effort extra-nationally, forgoing customs of war,andi war as a response,these-are-te-error you are terror suspects in court of law not-martiol you are not torture yet only and after, are now, and this is worse than emitt till using rascial undetones, and overtoned

N Police Association, changing term, to rape spiritually

Frank Sinatra - I m Not Afraid (4.0 Quad Surround Sound).mp3