Don't harm your friend. Don't kill your friend. Don't mislead your friend.

I am not into people who steal hearts. I am not into people who kill spirit(s)

People who steal dignity are evil, and I do not respect her.

She is a thief of dignity. She makes me undignified. She usually acts snobbish and scary, but I'm not scared; I am proud. I am strong. I can do this

Yes I can! I can love someone who loves me. I will love this Someone. 

Yet I ask; Where is the love? Where


It is here, there, not everywhere. I have To be careful, to understand, that love is important, valuable, a good objective, something that should be had,

Do not harm, friend. Do not injure, others, or yourself. 

When someone harms others, she loses . She kills her soul, her only one. This kind of death is long and painful. 

I do not like people who dissuade others, who laugh maniacally at the sick, the downtrodden, those without money, the hungry, the meek, the foolish, the,


(hatred is not born overnight; it is a build-up procedure. I do not hurt, other. Do you know

WhY? Because, people who hurt others, are not soulful,

and I will remain soulful [Do not kill, off

People who kill, or the person who kills, is very violent inside, someone who doesn't give a shit about whatever emotional tumult brews inside another, her neighbor:

People who kill, destroy, people who kill, unverify, destroy their own personal dignity! I would Never, Ever, harm, no one, not a single soul, and that's so vulgar, that sort of 

fake-ego-death, the superstitious accusation, the accusation of being someone without a friend, because he is scared, naturally smelly, 

(People who mock another, these are really scary! They aren't

some others, they are not some distant sorts, but they are , everywhere. Hurting someone financially is not funny, and people who do that mock so scarily. I do not hurt scary people, but they should be frightened off, maybe by yelling, but I'm never loud, because loudness is correlated to a destruction of moral values .  People who are moral, these people are sweet, fun, silly, real

I do not harm, will not, and refuse the idea that murder can be a fun pasttime, (IT ISNT, it is very ugly, random, dumb, crazed, vulgar, unappreciated, God-opposite, so inane, redundant, redundant, redundant

People who know language, these aren't necessarily good people, in fact they can and will, by necessity, destroy hope if they trick others with wordplay, 

(Words are not to be toyed with, certainly, and are opposite the ethics inherent to positivity (read: the most basic moral code) : Person who loves, doesn't hate; she is 

someone who has destroyed creativity, simultaneously beneffiting from another's, namely me. I do not toy around, Alana. I will not be your bitch. You are, indeed, superficially attractive, a literal smiling killer, someone who would laugh at the poorest's misfortune is given the opportunities, and someone who will harm an animal, eat pork in front of a practicing Muslim, taint Kosher food, misfire a gun intentionally, stab a friend in the back, hurt another for personal gain/financial gift(s), and, most of all, she is not to be toyed with, because she is very violent : she abused me so much, and I have no doubt that I could have been happy(ier), because time doesn't create joy by necessity, and someone isn't a random thing, someone is scary, someone is so despondent, and it's the sufferer, the

woman who begged you for a kiss, but you kissed him instead, to annoy, indulge yourself, to laugh heartily, to destroy any semblance of hope, you are an abuser! you are not my friend : you are inimical! you are very frightening, U! you are a so destructivene, destroyer, disgusting cannibal, who laughed at Marcus Mumford, but lusted for his lost innocence, becoming, destroying, fooling, stalking, filling up your tank(s), to destroy (h o p e, l o v e, d r e a ms, sTrengths, theft of life, destroyer of purity, lover of evil, hater of soulfulness, time-waster, lover of hatred, destroyer of innocent Passions, laugher at the tabernacle, misser of the days in which women, men, and others were destroyed for fun, the days when humble souls would love hope, kill dreams, derange possibilities, kill hearts, laugh when others teared, i wouldn't harm a soul, but she harms mine, and makes me want to help her, all day, all day, all day, all day, all day, all (not some of the time,

and people who harm others shouldn't. it's cliched, old-fashioned, upsetting to anyone with any shred of dignity, monstrously destructive. I am not into abuse, it's scary,

Do not harm people, for everyone has importance - even the lowest on the todem pole, the highest in society, and the most despondent, happiest,

I do not abuse people for fun, that's scary, (do not harm people, for fun, it's not cool, dudette, . (the beach is a fun place to be, where you can see sand, and smiling families. The thrill of life, that is so key, sillies. I wouldn't not enjoy if I didn't have to. People who kill are scary, indeed, and I hate people who love life without an appreciation for and with others, families, souls, liar!

I am not rich? Of course! I am poor, impoverished, hungry, meek,

and I will try to be humble. Those are Spiritual objectives, they are crucial, hardly fickle, certainly disturbing to be otherwise, totally nonsensicall! Do not mock those who are Spiritual, as all people can and should be. Simply because, you hate, doesn't justify your hatred (of me, who I look to be, and who I was, who I will stay, and not change, become a different person, mutate into, at any point in my life

People who harm, are scary to me, as my disposition isn't violent. When someone does things furtively, without others knowing, when someone kills parts of a friend she calls his dearest, she has transitioned into a person who isn't worthy. A person who hates, does so indiscriminately, firing and aiming (do not kill dreams, make people feel guilty, guilty, guilty, guilt-inducer, mocker, to achieve superficially,

and do be aware, that when someone is scared, it doesn't indicate fear of God, but rather a fear of Evil, and please know that I am not stupid. I have value. I love life, so I am valuable to it. I will not be abused, infantilized, molested internally, shook down, unappreciated,, you know? abuse, in any form, is disgusting, scary to the abuser, you lowlife, you prick, you scared radicalized individual, you monster! 

I am not a toy, to be toyed with, Alana. I will not be abused for your viewing pleasure, nope, not a plaything, one of your pasttimes, but, instead, I will shine bright in dark places, as I am light, strong, courageous, forgiving, talented, valued, passionate, disciplined, God's favorite disciple, a person, fundamentally. A person shouldn't be abused, nor should animal. I am not an animal, though, so please don't call me one, please, I ask humbly of you, you devilish thing, that destroys, makes others sick, like me, because I am not a toy - and I promise you that I will not be toyed with, abused, womanhandled, feared, intimidated by, scared off by silly abuse tactics, destroyed in any way. I am not a fickle thing, I am an important being, as are you. But when it comes to abuse, I will not accept, but I repudiate you, abuser, Alana Haims, torturous, monster disguised, fool, imbecilic soul, monster, monster, monster, monster, maker of death, dishonest, fool

I am not into your abuse, it is weird and feral, and I am not into your abuse of another person in my life, Alana. You are so very abusive,

so very!

do not abuse me anymore, I'm taking back my life, from you, Abuser-In-Power, and I will reclaim, make a claim to my being, which you will never have, you  thing, powerless-internally, absolutely violent, angry, disturbing, haughty, killer! I will and will not, may and may not

be in your presence, because your presence is hardly a real present, it is something to be shunned, because you are the opposite of who you say you are, a disgusting person, a monster, not even a human, a disguised terrorist, a fool for all forms of religious hatred, usually against the group of people you say you love, A murderer, a soul-snatcher, a piece of shit disguised as an angel, you are scary, aggressive, narcissistic, stupid, abusive, lying, and most of all Satanic, so evil, a feral beast who will walk into the depths of another's soul without permission to search for any form of innocence that is to be had, you killer, you destroyer, you selfish whore, I wish the worst for you. 

You, are in God's name, dead to me. You are over, Alana Haim. You have just been exposed as the causer of Kanye West's social malady, your abuse is not unnoticed, silly killer, but it is transparent now. 

Goodbye, Alana. 

You could have been such a good person, had you obeyed. You didn't, so you are now classified to me, and hopefully to others, as a destroyer. I will not entertain anyone's alternate belief about this, as I've determined, proudly, that you are disgusting. Stay away from me, in God's name! Stay away from me, stay away, stay away, stay away, stay away

Signed with love to the world's good people only,

Mina, or, instead, Mr. Mina, to you, because you aren't worthy of my first name, you twisted mess!