the most peaceful, the least violent -are targeted to quiet down satanizers, who know i killed the devil but still are squeaking to me from their grotesqueness like me at uc irvine until recently when the kidnapping stuff came to lights amidst the darkest i've destroyed adroitly by and through God (as described)

ٱلْإِسْلَام ‎, romanized: al-Islām, lit. 'submission [to the will of God]') 

too late the damage is done

no fixing this

you are child sex traffickers, working together to traffick further in more covert and abusive ways only Victims know

Queen Liz know, She know, it hard for a thug, so when i say i fucking don't want you, it don't mean that i want to hurt you, you are scary and abusive, the people Queen Liz hates so much that she sacrificed Her Life For, fuck you, and please stay away

I do not want any interaction with any -American and hence this clean Victory, not to be touched by psychopathic weirdos, the exact opposite, and those responsible for current woes, disgustingly attacking bones and body parts together acting sweet no innocent just to fuck children up, violently, the most sadistic people alive, working together just because they can't help it, as the worst abusers historically