i don't care

you're not supposed to look at the date

the grammy's music's biggest night

is coming to CBS

(it's redundant, all in the same)

if i see you i see you (get it? attack of the noses huh so whose nose is better you think my nose or your nose and do you like heart-shaped noses and can you be any less flamboyant like i was with taylor swift and you aren't so?

Do not threaten me again, by proxy, or in any way, as a terrorist organization with blinding lights, in such psychopathic manners, and any attempt to call me the psychopath, with false documents provided by a terorrist, are noted, as well the Governor's personal involvement on behalf of any federal agency, using fake police from other states to appear as real police to do the same things, this is terrorism acts they're hiding, and reversing, probably, as terrorists do

disturbing change obsfuscating true intentions a means to harm mock and with a strange loud freakish thing, to cause and indelicately aggrandize and not paradoxically so

it's hard to get in touch with anyone sometimes, but a good reference point would be the United Nations phone number which can be found with Mr. Sinatra's help or from a local British police officer (who you can find listed at http://sis.gov.uk) this is considerably terroristic, contact Donna Haim, weirdo, u can find it, and ask for Alana Haim (Emergency Contact is listed as Ronan Farrow, Character Contact is Misses Haim, and no one else, and please stay away, tremendously scary and infuriating to Sandy Hook Promise, who also represents the real CAIR and RAINN, also good emergency contacts, the doctor is not the terrorist, but Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, Johns Hopkins contact Elizabeth Smart and also John Walsh

*fake: if that was real, then there wouldn't be Revelry, so as to say those are drunks who i'd like to report, for mocking the good guys, wtf guys, and that cannot happen, as it requires double certification, as well as extra-national approval currently do not threaten those who protect, geographically at any agency, with the trick to help one and not another, and stop with the eracism campaign, that's my idea looool we need to know why the pasadena pd is in particular targeted all the time like why they hate each other ostensibly in the media, making things up, just the same, like did this happen and when did this happen why did that happen when that happened sort of deal (in which one hates for no reason, like wtf, just leave the weirdos alone, and do your serial killing elsewhere, not really, i think they have targeted everywhere but localized on landmarks like the Bloomingdales In Glendale looks like a place with a militia, for some reason, and it's like the focal point of the world, for some reason, and Rose Bowl is getting weird like why So-Fi the replacement is not The Rose Bowl which looks not even like the Gladiator facility it's supposed to look like, and please stay away sci-fi scaries, and if you need a book on religion, try stopping right there

Stay away from our phones, who are you, and i'm not confused, i'll avoid u, like uh

i think it was intentional, like they had like people wearing Security and armed vests like no women, either, just private security like even two at louis and by the way that ice cream place devil angel fucking scary, melt this cheese instead at eggslut!

let me clarify that's a code upon a code, not the real dale, who is in danger (so i know, so i pray same thing

the others have proven infilitrated too it's usually flamboyantly

i don't think they'll dash it, but you can try petco needs to check on the rabbit enclosure, 

i linked that because outside of that store i forget which that no guns allowed makes me wonder why guns are allowed more it makes me wonder why annie lennox isn't a good artist but a good artist draws pictures like this not to be drawn over so any desecration of such weirdos, golly gee

kinda weird, racially motivated, or ethnically perhaps, it's just a study on ethnomusicology calm down 

there are so many weirdos, here, like stop with the dumbness, this isn't supposed, and it's altogether uncomfortable intentionally

u can ask the hotel directly for ride information provide them with tracking data, to keep you safe, they know me

it's kinda weird, you know the kindness of strangers, friends, and buffoons, for fun i suggest learning about the niceties, like really, that kind of stuff, particularly the lack of stuff right now, it's tragic, with nothing here - so appalling, music is Kanye West I guess?

doordash is suggested for Best Buy delveries, or Apple Online Store for Two-Hour Deliveries, and 7-11 Eleven for DoorDash and lol room service please

don't be mad at the wrong people, just know the tricks, like why is anger commonplace, and what had happened there was strange, if you need residence there's Americana, ask for Mr. Rick Caruso's deaf daughter

scary guy i ain't into it: stop forcing yourself on others and also so scary because it's strange, but not weird and you're who really who are you iono u shit on urselves and on you

abusing in tandem, abusing using new technique stored from cia torture day(s)s but not explained thoroughly, including death orders by making false threats literally and abusing British language, as a former technique for British hostages particularly, like " is meaningful it's a new form of abuse that's from then

it is also an assault on Hopefulness, a murderer's tongue abusive scary nonsensical and coded for kys dangerous and notihng inside you, fake(s)s as these are not murderers? the one doing it, so what affects this bitch thaat stupid clown movie let's play it sound out the screams illegally recorded and transmitted to terrorist group(s)s such as the person you've proven to represent

so what can handicap his ability her ability to communicate, screaming brilliant jeffrey, i'll call you that to keep safe just sound out as he types out the screams of children, to protect disgusting fbi-cia-similars 

these are perverts the worst of the worst rapists representatives in an official capacity psychopaths means antisocial personality disorder, which each has it is a real condition and they can't get treated for it of course they record it's ok everything is normal the doctor is not incharge anymore don't worry these are rapists just call them that

video recordings they don't do, one picture is enough, so they do audio don't worry these are rapists

i know it's scary right now these are racistst just the worst of the worst but do remember there is nothing to fear, God protects, and they're all under criminal investigation right now that's why they're acting that way but not here so don't worry that's why they're not involved disgusting rapists, if you want to write me a note, write it to rainn they even have chat no money that means don't worry, they weren't compromised