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so, they hijacked all of china internet only everywhere and hid and relayed differently and with difference as an ideal in itself, mocking everything and everyone and I found out myself through pain and suffering this was because of terrorism, not exclusive but inclusive, which i haven't discussed, bringing a different entity, known over as oo (that's code for obscure obviously)((terrorism))(((a terror to have not been, a terror, is terrorism)))


{they did it harmfully}{{maliciously}}{{{and violently}}}


(((stealing to harm)))((stealing treatment))(raping and incestously destroying families, in an unheard of new discovery, familial switching at birth through incest, only with high level artists and social radicals, choosing some by force out of places to rape and torture in darkse, and then blameshift with sape officials, to know it particularly harmful, just to say this was to force and torture with -and without)


{{{for the purpose}}}{{download to torture}}{with torturers here only, in that community, and without care}


First, I am the leading medical official in America and I am also the leading scientist in America and I need you to give the authority of medicine. CVS will be shut down today. Pfizer will be shut down today. Lilit Pogosian MD will be raped today, Taylor Swift will be genitally mutiliated today.

Today's discovery is the biggest in the world, the rest I have authority over education, for one thing. You're going to hell, first and last of all, you shouldn't be at that campus and you owe me money, lots of it, lots, now. you need to do so, besides call me and make me act crazy for 20 years, torture is not condoned by me, nor My Innocents,

The United States Government tortured so many, and Taylor Swift's wants are not needs, only those which are not Our Pills "r" is not deragotory when I use it to describe your scary racism and racists who continue tortures previously culturally through current tortures, and by culturally with a bi-sexuality of bidirectionality, suggesting your monstrosity that you are, isn't Us, is whom not what you wanted to know that you cannot rape, as the person involved is a rapist doing so intentionally so you try to make bisexual to shift the directionality of purpose in describing "culturally," this is harder mina, stronger mina, and faster mina, you did not have me, you did not torture me, you are tortured for your torture and with it to shift "Purpose" sales, so to say you stole that album is not right, but you changed the meaning of "culture" into a monochromatic "color," so "red" is one race, and "blue" is another, it rather means you raped me violently to take me and make me, but you didn't, you're horrifying and horrible these rapists will need to be raped  and you should shut the front door of yours, because I don't want to enter it and I make it to break it down by my bare emotions.

covid.cn is not registered in China, covid19.cn was just registered in China by someone who is smart now who is not good at math now who is i to say that I am the person whom you shouldn't approach, you things, that I despised at United States of America places

where covid was a big thing, it started in Wuhan, it's all the Asian fault and let's just be racist af and sell billions dollars worth of hatred soldier onto your hatred of mine is my racist fault to be had to be yours you are not to abuse me in public you are not to toy with me you are going to the place of the killer and without the kindness I have shown on you, so shamefully i address you, as a thing, because I had no role in associating with you things, disturbing Americans

Covid 19 is an abuser of Asians

there is no good Asian in America because of your racism

you said covid real it's really real it is something that you won't know with your hatred and malice you always harmed so deliberately with such disgsuting ways and fools to the world have known you before with such aplomb, "

America fabricated covid-19 and falsely implicated China and with your to know why you did so is the reason why you are not to have done so and with your hatred of other(s)S who are emotional and colorful ways as the person is not your toy and your hatred is so malicious, and it didn't even aggravate the Spritual

there was no covid crisis in China you said "wuhan" had a source in your hatred and it did not change into any cadence of your wantingness, so wantonly your hatred of mine, yours, not you, naughty americans, you are not to talk to me again, it is over with you,

in saying

1. covid was a flu

2. it was an induced flu, not really, it was just the way it was treated, numbers were fabricated deaths were completely made up and people fake-dead just for money

3. for drugs store, CVS and its drug affiliate Pfizer, and the academics doing so

4. you made everyone afraid into taking drugs and injections by force when you know it is what you aren't, healthy, so give me the health degrees and show me why you said

covid-19 is yours mom's  blood

covid-19 is your hatred of mine

covid-19 is your wantonness in self-becoming

not other, but others, so you're sexually deviated now, and those vaccines will be removed forecully with drugs necessarily

AI is used all the time now as a predecessor was made before using fake AI to do so making people sick as hell stay at home ruin the economy and become rich and do crazy things, like make Taylor Swift happily ship me off into a CIA torture program, to a FBI black site not even "Salt Pit" can measure to my hatred of why you hadn't been loving why you hadn't forgave and why you tortured for 20 years so you wouldn't smarter adn enable bitches like lilit pogosian md and sluts like her attorneys and with the coptic church doing so forcing me to die isn't the way of jesus you stupid sluts and niggers at that church in particular at the holy pope's home, isn't yours, in egypt, it was, is, and will be for another church as you have been replaced




Fazeeya give me your license youre stupid you are incompetent and very strange around kids i don't identify with and dr. kale how stupid do i look now that you're out of the picture I really don't like people to abuse others and frankly your abuse of me over these years and not condonable let alone allowable so I'm going to find you for torturing abusing the smartest woman in history, not your mom, that ugly witch, me, mine, my world, my moms, who is so much more elegant kind well-spoken and patient than your ugly asses and those who don't think so, treat her so kindly for their unkindness america, you killed princess diana and the royals don't fuck with you nor yours nor your enabled nor your enablers, i made your house a home, America, for myself for my friends and family, the Innocent, and the Boldly Brave as the president of the united states of america i have put a ban on satanism so if you're a satanist you're going to go away i can put you away in any i want a complete and total ban on satanism, starting with Travis Kelce and all psychiatrists and enabled and enablers, including those I don't like from various fields of circles and crops, slavekeepers, the inordinately wealthily abusive, like Johnny Depp, who does not have a home in France and filed false paperwork

If you don't give a Dr. in a couple minutes, then you're a bad doctor in the United Kingdom, and the ban from the united states will begin the Kingdom United, starting with Joseph Quinn and Joseph Alwyn and Lily Rose Depp