In all seriousness, this was death-defying and extremely fast; i didn't anticipate what was next, as always so elegant, and debonair, Madames!

if everyone hates, then no one does;

this is violence; and you are not violents nor are you violence as in ideal as it is not real

this is a pathetic fight - give it up

rooted in trolling

You are stupid it's not intereseting kinda

There are fun things just like what happened to them i miss them and then you go around in cycles

You are inferior. You are stupid. You lack talent. You are scary. You are not without me, it doesn't mean that; it doesn't mean you are a toy to me, nor that you're being toyed with, and that your sensitivity is troubling me

important bulletin:

missing: Anne Sekai - Stephen Weller - Francisco Ayala

Sekai and Weller are a married couple, with two sons, who perhaps doesn't try as hard as he should

I worked under the Bio Lab with Dr. Jessica Poulin and she is married to Dr. Michael Poulin, and they moved to Buffalo

my connect is Dr. Curtis Franks (Notre Dame, now)

this is alarming. please do something about it.

this is uc irvine adjacent, and carries personal meaning

speaking of which, besides banning the muslim organization, there are so many other incidents of muslim hate crimes that happened there ; DO NOT CONTACT campus police ombudsman for help, and you will be incriminated without notice

Do not contact Dr. Rameen Talesh or his brother, these are terrorists

do not work with uc irvine police or irvine police, this is a terrorist organization, they are the culprit, is is advisable to contact cia of uk, the mi6 and mi5 emergency numbers are also available

uc irvine is perceived as a terrorist organization outside of United States of America, of course not officially, these individuals are hiding what they've done and are doing so cowardly

(Dr. Ann Sakai)

(Dr. Stephen Weller)

Parvin Shojea was a PHD student working with wicked Nancy Burley, i don't like them, but Dr. Jessica Poulin sings spiriutals, I remember that, and Flynn Boonstra is a feminist in that field

What happened to the page, hopefully a glitch, but Ayala's thing was clearly fabricated, and they even renamed the entire building - terrifying

he is a spiritual savant/genius in bioology and didn't die correct me if i'm wrong

there is a kidnapping of those in the genetic fields, and as i said uc irvine is not affected, but the hub

and also of the torture program against muslims (the first university historically to ban an Islamic religious group and claim these members are terrorists, imprisoning as a group with a trial that made no sense (was there one or only smoke and mirrors), and CIA Black Sites are everywhere still the one at GB propagandistic 

regarding the speaker's visit, i am not entirely sure who that is i don't think he was upset but it seemed like a setup (as they said it was planned by Muslims) i just wonder how they are not supposed to be tried as a group, or receive "misdemeanors" or whatever that means i've talked extensively about that so...

anyway, if you wanna leave the university tenure thing follow dr. cornel west's path to a good university out of a bad one, harvard u

it's not advisable to leave the country without notice, you think, actually it is they'll be kind and harbor a particular kind of person

research is boring now, and theoretical ideas are what's happening

this is a weird school, take care

students what an indoctrinated word, um i'd suggest community college route (dropping out is ugly) transfer in two years to 4 year university

it's stupid anyway, learning is on the streets not books huh weirdos and professional careers aren't interesting to me and should be a right away college thing (if you want security, combined programs)

staying at home is a lot safer

social life is online nowadays