This military operation is complete. The United States of America has been taken over and I have won in its entirety. This has been a long war. And I will not miss it one bit.

Anyway, this war is predicated on depression and malice towards women. People who fight are not my thing, and those who fight depressed people are not my thing. I have won both wars. And I’ve done a lot more; if you want military directives, contact your local official and also their representative in Congress. Please do not contact me directly. 

It’s time to celebrate the victory in the United Kingdom, and please I beg you stop calling Travis Kelce he is not that interesting to us, and was just a tool for the government, the last remaining one, a jock, a bully, a swiftie, it’s funny to us.

Thank you your attention, and also your abusive women attacking the others, who I also represented originally, so this war is about over, but and when i say however i need you to understand that I will not tolerate this anywhere else, I will not tolerate not abuse I will not tolerate people who abuse others, and also most importantly I was not tolerate racism. This war was long and very terrifying, and also extremely scary for me, these are the last stages of a final war for the world, I have seized control of most entities, and I still am not crazy about you America The Ugly The Stupid The Retarded Manic, and also the person I despised most is you, the abuser, who sits there and does nothing, and the other, who sits there and does a little more, so that’s why this is happenings, and I will not tolerate that anywhere else, and have precedent because those are issues worldwide that United  States of America directly, and also please note that I am not to be talked to still, your pills are still there, their pills of another guy, who I don’t like and your abuser is still there to know the abusive nature of satanists and those who know know me very well, as an abuser, as a man, and not an abuser of people, but of the people who know how to abuse and that’s the issue here; the issue is mainly why do people hate others, and why do I not hate them? It’s because I am not a hateful person, am not overly emotional, am very kind, and also because I was raised well, strictly and provocatively. I wish for the country to get better, and it won’t get any worse now, this military operation was conducted to hurt me directly, as I am the smartest guy in history, and also because they are not well-raised and not that smart, so this is about you, not being a good person, but also about never being a good person again. This is a war, involving lots of losses, most of my life, and also most of my parents’ life, it is not about you, it is about me. So it’s you, not me. Please don’t contact me in that context and also know that just because you can doesn’t mean I am not able-bodied. I am able-minded because of able-body. So this war effort against me, was violent terrifying and involved lots of injuries to me individually. I don’t love you. I don’t know you. Do not contact me and stop trying it, I will not victim to stupidity and I know that never is not answer for me. I will not stand down, I will stand up. And I also very proud of my ability to understand spiritual nuances and how to stand up to the holy churches, this was unprecedented and I have defeated your church, as an entirety, it will not exist again, and it will be burned to the ground, and the person who will burn your business is known as my girlfriend, who hates you more than ever, and I will glady do it right now and see if your scared of me and of my wife solely known as the church, and also the church’s kindness towards women in particular women who know how to stand up for their husbands and children, so this military operation is complete, with one las song, by a woman named, and told about, my wife, Ms and Mrs the only and only thing I love. God wins, not you, not the country, nor the worldly obsessions, and I have won your minds so here they are in their entireties again, sung beautifully I will not be abused nor amused nor bemused nor assaulted nor tortured nor fooled nor told about nor misunderstood nor disrespected nor thought differently I am and was and will be, and also your abuses of children as bad uncles are noted, as bad parent to, and also the sort that I don’t care about and those who have their own mind and why i didn’t know i didn’t have hatred about others, nor trusting myself with the understanding that I should be understood better and as such a man not abused nor be amused by so when I say I’m not your friend and don’t contact me again, then do not contact me again, that was never said, you are lying in pool of your hatred’s blood and also notice your lack of kindness has been shown throughout this is the end of whom and why and where but now to know why and why not people are crazed and manic is it because of your abuses so when i say i hate you do i hate you really, and did i hate you before, and did i not know your hatred and did i want your hatred, to ruin others would say that such hatred is not good and I don’t hate you however i know you now as a hater so to know your abuse is to stop with the torture which you won’t, with the last man standing being a ten year old school shooter type of person screaming profanities and at the top of his lungs known as America as the person doing this originally a bad psychiatrist a bad psychiatry and a bad medicine for you to take forever a pill known to harass harm and want a bad thing a thuggish pill to not want to not be and to not stay as to know such abuse is seriously a bad thing and also that such abuse is not funny to me also that such abuse is terrifying to others and as such I have shown