It's like Indians want to make me smile and I smile, but it's like they tried to break it for everyone

oddness is real, and people are too, derealization is a thing bc? or it is the confusion depersonalization, and why are all my friends dead/and/or indians?

the first night they tried to kidnap me literally, was very scary it was so scary and i screamed and pouted and no one knew now they knew thank you mi6 and people who warned us and listened to us

anyway, i worked my whole life for a point of success, to make a heartfulness, so that others knew, i would become. this was due to them, i made $10 million that year, then more the next so happy. worked so hard. the the National Football League it tried to rape the, finanically tortured (not torturer), and He is my rep, she is like the representative of The Good Man, and it's really scary to talk about their Protective Agency Drug Company-Related, Someone Who Challenges -Medical Ideals-Abuse, and Knows How To Stop Taylor Swift, and MI6 Did Magically w/out Wizardry Nor Abuse, With Lovingkindness, With All The Innocents everyone knows love and truth and lovingkindnesses so everywhere without stopping never ceasing so I won't stop torture actively? "I'm Gonna Choose Death!

stop talking to yourselves and please don't be better than me 

your united states of america, not mine, army full of two-year-olds they weren't raised well they look funny and talk funny we order a cease and desist of mr and mrz pfizer nfl sponsor league of denial homicide victim, uk can do that for you, stupid motherfuckers you aint even ask permissions therefore you are liable for nfl injuries and that include beatings and shootings of your ugly asses erywhere i met yall raping pakistan women i show you a cock of a angry indian women. once a warning for your bad spellers, i teach you how to spell d-e-a-t-h-l-y for MI6's Mina y'all openly racist india british territory i see bloody hatred