some of you are racists, some of you are pedophiles, some of you are misogynists, some of you rapists, all different forms of abuse, protected by copyright infringer, FBI, CIA, etcetera, but don't suppress the political leader of those movements just like incels and femcels olaf u, pedo

not supposed to steal like that, young ladies school shooters alike, fbi did you find the harp, it's actually a harpsichord

stop appropriating taylor swift and jack antonoff, you are not victims

it's travis kelce's fault, it certainly is

stop blame-shifting, those accusations are false, stranger abuse victim i welcome u we are against war and revenge and know forgiveness because they aren't accusations, so false they are so hurtful fake artists like hunter and bush w or L bush l for the loss, bro, you gotta stop serial killing, olive u, weirdo, unartistic, unemotioinal, 

yea so the accusations are false! i 100% agree,

because they're real, abuse-expert genius